Come Find Me; A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

First off; I absolutely ADORE Eleanor J. Calder. It's just a story.
Louis is heartbroken after his breakup with Eleanor. He seems like the most unhapy person ever. He just wants to find love again. Will he find his true love? Will he ever let anyone grab hold of his heart again?


3. Tougher Than I Think...No.

---- Louis' POV ----

       But just when I start to feel better, my phone starts to ring again. I hesitate, but pull it out of my pocket. Once again, 'Unknown' showed up. I stood up and went in my room. Once the door was closed, I pushed the green 'Accept' button. "Hello?" I asked softly. "Hi, it's Ariana! Is this Sam?" the voice asked. It was a girl. A cheerful, bubbly girl. "Um, n-no. I'm Lou-" I started. "Oh my gosh! I am like so so so sorry!" she gasped. I slightly chuckled. "No worries. It was an accident." I replied. "Yeah. I guess. Well, I am so sorry again. Bye!" she said quickly. Once she hung up, I just stared at my phone in amazement. "Ariana." I repeated. Beautiful name. Where have I heard that name before? Maybe it was just from a fan. Anyways, I opened the door and walked over to the boys, who eyed me curiously.

       "Well..?" Niall urged. I shrugged. "Wrong number, that's all." We finally left the house. I took one step out the door and was blinded by the sunlight. I wasn't use to this. I shielded my eyes with my hands. "Woah Lou. You really are pale, huh?" Liam joked. I looked at my hands and compared them to Liam's. His were bigger and darker. Dang. We walked down the streets, occassionally stopping inside a store. I just kept my head down and my hands in my pockets. "Hey, wanna grab a drink real quick lads?" Harry suggested. I looked up and cringed at the sign. Starbucks. A few tears managed to escape my eyes. I looked down the road and saw the turn you took to Eleanor's house. 'Idiot.' I said to myself.

       Just as I was daydreaming, someone bumped into me knocking the both of us over. "I am so sor-" we both said, but then stopped when we saw each other. Eleanor. "Sorry.." I said helping her up. I never once looked her in the eye. Just kept my eyes on the ground like I often did. It took every thing I had not to grab her. Another tear slid down my cheek, but I pretended not notice.


-- Eleanor's POV --

       Louis. In a way I wanted to hug him, but in another I didn't. I've been so free lately. "Sorry.." he said. He never looked at me. I studied his face for a while. I tried to meet his eyes, but they would never move. They just stared at a rock. He wasn't on earth. He was somewhere else. Somewhere far away. A tear ran down his face. I waited to see if he'd wipe it away, but when he didn't I did. I reached out to touch him. He backed away. I put my hand on his shoulder to hold him still. "Lou. It's just me." He flinched at those words as another one slid down. He jerked at my touch. "There all better." I said trying to sound calm. "I haven't seen you around. I haven't even seen you on Twitter. I don't think anyone knows about our, erm, split. You don't have to tell anyone it was your fault. It was equal." I said.

       He shrugged. "I don't mind. You don't need the hate so-" but I cut him off. "Neither do you." I smirked. He just kept on going with his sentence. "So it's okay. Well, um, we have to go." He turned on his heel and began to walk away when I grabbed his arm. He stiffened. I let go instantly. He was so thin. So pale. "Goodbye Lou." I whispered. "Goodbye Eleanor." he said heading down the street. Then he was gone.

---- Louis' POV ----

       "Goodbye Lou." She whispered. "Goodbye Eleanor." I said sternly. The lads surrounded me on both sides. They looked from one another to me and back to the street ahead of us. 'Don't you dare cry.' I threatened myself. Finally it was dinner time, so we stopped at Nando's. The day went by really fast. After we ate, we walked to the beach. All the boys but Zayn took off towards the water. I could tell he wanted to join them. "Go." I said. He looked at me trying to look puzzled. "Just go. You know you want. I'll be okay." I said trying to sound okay. Apparently he bought it because he took off after them, or maybe he just didn't want to be near me anymore. I wouldn't blame him if he was annoyed. I climbed up a little path onto a slight hill covered in grass and sand.

       I settled down in the sand and leaned back against a rock and pulled my knees to my chest. I sighed and watched as the boys splashed around and had fun. I had finally had enough of watching, so I turned my gaze to colorful sky. "It's just me, Lou." Eleanor's words replayed over and over in my mind. I shivered at the thought. Harry slowly came walking behind me. "Hey BooBear." he said trying to cheer me up. I looked up at him and tried to smile. He plopped down infront of me and pulled me into a hug. He let go and I went back to my original position.

       "You're tougher than what you think Louis." he breathed. "Huh?" I said turning to him. Sometimes the words that he thought were wise, never made sense to anyone else. "You're beating yourself up when you shouldn't. You call yourself names. You blame yourself. You think you're nothing but a wimp. A child even. You don't think you're a man, but you're a bigger man than any of us could be." he smiled. "Thanks Harry." I sighed. The wind tousled our hair as the other boys came up on the hill. They gathered around and just layed on their backs, staring at the sky. No one said anything. No one had to.

      The company of them was loud enough...

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