Come Find Me; A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

First off; I absolutely ADORE Eleanor J. Calder. It's just a story.
Louis is heartbroken after his breakup with Eleanor. He seems like the most unhapy person ever. He just wants to find love again. Will he find his true love? Will he ever let anyone grab hold of his heart again?


8. I Spy With My Little Eye...

---- Louis' POV ----


       Normally Harry would have woke me up, but instead the plane did. And the old guy infront of me. "You almost killed us!! That bump was enough to give me a heartattack you twit!" he shouted. The flight attendant tried to calm him down, but he refused to listen. He stood up and pushed everyone out of his way, leaving the rest of us looking at each other confused. We all filed off of the plane one at a time.

       I made sure to be careful incase that dream were to come true. The boys and I walked into the airport and were met by a few more fans. I sighed in relief. So far so good. Once we got to our hotel, we all unpacked and met in Liam and Zayn's room. "So, why don't we go see that giant mansion and museum down the road?" Liam suggested.

       We all shrugged in agreement and began our journey for the day. When we arrived at our location we split up into groups and agreed to meet here right at four. Zayn and Niall headed to the food court and Harry and Liam walked around to find a bathroom. I stood watching them walk away, when Harry turned and motioned for me to come with him. I shook my head and went inside the mansion and out towards the gardens.

       I came out of the ballroom and down the ancient steps. I walked on the little cobblestone path and stepped up onto the concrete. Set upon the concrete was a brick house. It was more long than wide. On the top half of the house were the servants quarters and the bottom was the museum part. There were white columns that held up an awning for those who wanted shade. Every so often you'd pass by a door that led into a long hallway full of artifacts with a door at the other end, leading to the second garden.

       I walked to the middle of the house before stopping. I saw a girl. She was sitting on a bench at the end of the concrete with a leather journal in her lap, all alone. Her long, wavy, blonde hair flowed down her back perfectly. She looked out at the giant waterfall in the center of the yard. Occassionally she'd watch the kids playing in the yard, but she would trail back to the opening in the hedges that led to the flower garden. She'd think for a minute, tapping her pen on her knee, then go back to writing. "Aye! Watch out buddy!" a man said, bumping my shoulder. I hadn't realized how many people were walking on this platform.

       I shook my head and decided to pull open the door beside me and go to the vegetable garden. After about 45 minutes in the second garden, I made my way back towards the first. I pushed the door open when something hit me hard, knocking me off my feet. I looked up at my attacker not knowing what to expect. "Oh my gosh!! I am like so sorry!" a bubbly voice said. It was the girl from the bench. She knelt down beside of me and grinned.

       "You okay there slick? You seem to be having trouble with people running into you today." she giggled. Her smile was absolutely perfect. I nodded my head and smiled. She stood up and pulled me to my feet. I dusted myself off and got a good look at her. She had to be at least 5'6. Her eyes were piercingly blue. And she seemed to just enjoy everything in life. Lucky. "Well I better go. I am really sorry again Louis." she said. Her voice sounded familiar. Wait. She knows me and she's not freaking out?! "Y-you know who I am, and you're not flipping out on me?" I asked.

       She turned around and looked stunned. "I only know you first name and that you're in a band." she shrugged. "My little sister loves you. Besides, you're just like anybody else. Why freak out?" she smiled. She seemed so understanding. "I guess I'm just use to people having a heartattack." I smiled sheepishly. She laughed and hugged her journal to her body. I had to know her name. "So. What's yo-" her phone started ringing.

       She looked to see who it was. "Sorry! It's my mum. Nice to meet you! I won't tell anyone about this! Bye!!" she winked before turning and running off. I watched her until the crowd swallowed her up. I turned around and laughed to myself. She looked AND sounded familiar. But yet she was a total stranger. I started to walk towards the flower garden when I started to feel a knot come up on the back of my head.

       I even think I was starting to like this girl. But then I realized something.... I'll never see her again. Man. Love sure does hurt. There were so many flowers and plants that by 3:55, I still hadn't got through HALF of the darn thing. I turned around and practically ran back to the front of the building. It seemed like there were 10 times the people now as there was when I first went to the garden. I kept checking my phone to see what time it was, but I already knew I was at least eight minutes late. Liam stood up when he saw me running. "Woah!! What's up with you?!" Niall asked. "We almost had to call Paul!" Liam laughed.

       The boys exchanged glances when I put my hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath. I stood up and smiled. I actually smiled. It wasn't forced or anything. 100% real. "I met a girl. She's beautiful and full of life!" I said gasping. "But the only reason why I met her was because she knocked me down." I laughed. The boys jumped at my laugh. "You met a girl that knocked you down?" Zayn chuckled. I nodded. "I may never see her again, but it sure did make my day." I grinned.

       The other boys smiled at me and we all formed a group hug. Later we went out to eat and just watched a bunch of movies. I only had four more days off before we started our first show here in Spain. I was determined to find that girl though. I said goodnight to the boys early and went to my room. I changed into a t-shirt and pair of shorts before settling into bed. I sighed and pulled my hands behind my head.

       I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face. I saw her. She was in my dream. This time I was frozen. I really couldn't move. I stood by the hotel's pool as this girl came walking towards me with an evil smile on her face. "Not again." I pleaded....

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