Come Find Me; A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

First off; I absolutely ADORE Eleanor J. Calder. It's just a story.
Louis is heartbroken after his breakup with Eleanor. He seems like the most unhapy person ever. He just wants to find love again. Will he find his true love? Will he ever let anyone grab hold of his heart again?


6. Hurt


       "LOUIS!!!! I'm here!" a voice yelled. I felt strong hands shaking me. I sat up straight. Harry was on the edge of my bed. The look in his eye was enough to scare anyone. All the other lads came running and gave a series of "What happend?" I looked at the boys. Tears swelled up in my eyes as I hugged Harry. I sobbed into his shoulder as he patted my back. "Lou? Why are you sorry?" he asked steadily. I pulled away, and took a breath.

       "I'm doing nothing but hurting you guys." I wimpered. The other boys jumped on the bed and stared at me. "Louis. We told you. You're not hurting us." Zayn said. "Stop saying that! You know I am! Everyone knows I am!! It's my fault for being this way. It's my fault because I didn't treat Eleanor right. I brought all this on myself, but it hurts! You guys have to take every mood swing I have and you hate it. Stop lying to me!" I half shouted, half cried. "We're not lying. It was just a bad dream Lou-" Niall tried, but I wouldn't let him finish.

       "Just go! I'll be fine." I said before walking to the windows. I heard each of them get off of the squeaky bed. Harry came behind and I could feel his hand barely touch my shoulder. "Lou?" he whispered. I turned around and pushed his hand away. He truly looked hurt now. Liam grabbed his elbow and led him out of the room. "Come'on Haz." he said. He closed the door behind them and left me to myself. I glared at the door for awhile and then turned to the wall. I punched it at hard as I could before dropping to my knees. "Why?! Why am I such a jerk?!" I yelled from the top of my lungs. I sat there on my knees, forehead pressed to the wall, crying for the entire night. I was sure the boys could hear me screaming, but I didn't care. I didn't care if I screamed out my lungs like in 'More Than This'.

---- Harry's POV ----

       Lou jumped off the bed and ran over to the windows. I looked at the boys and Liam nodded at the door. We all stood up, but I wanted to tell Lou it'd be alright. I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "Lou?" He turned around and pushed me away. The look in his eyes hurt me. He was my bestfriend, but he wouldn't let me help. I felt so useless. He wasn't hurting us, honest. He never hurt me until just now. Liam grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door.

       "Come'on Haz." he said. Once we were in the hall, I turned to Liam and cried. He just patted my back. We let go and the four of us stood there staring at Louis' door. BOOM! I looked at Zayn, but Zayn just looked at Niall. Liam's eyes widened. He crossed his arms and stared at the door. Then we heard Louis yelling. "Why?! Why am I such a jerk?!" he screamed. He eventually yelled some more things, but I don't think it'd be polite to list them. The boys and I eventually made our way back to our rooms in silence. It was going to be a long trip to Spain...

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