<3 Radio Rebel <3

Jessica Simmons is a member of a band, but the leader of the band is her crush Stefan Collins. Once their band's new hit is played on the radio by radio rebel, everyone wants to know who radio rebel is.


6. you have got a follower


When school was over, I saw Sasha walking away. She seemed in a hurry and I decided to follow her. Yeah, she might not be Radio Rebel, but she could still lead me to her. I had to be careful  so she wouldn't notice I was following her. I had no idea if she actually knew me, but the whole school pretty much did, so I couldn't let her see me.   She started going faster and so did I. But I was being careful, so she didn't notice me. I wondered if she was too deep in thought or if I was just that good. I noticed the 'Who is Radio Rebel?' posters all around the place. I had no idea, but I wanted to know so badly.  
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