<3 Radio Rebel <3

Jessica Simmons is a member of a band, but the leader of the band is her crush Stefan Collins. Once their band's new hit is played on the radio by radio rebel, everyone wants to know who radio rebel is.


1. the news


I couldn't believe it. It was our song. On the radio. Radio Rebel was playing our song. That could only mean one thing: we were going to become famous for real!   At first, I was really excited. It was my voice, on the radio. Everyone could hear me. It was pretty much the best moment of my life, so far. But I had to wonder...How was it possible? How did Radio Rebel get the song? And, of course, the question everybody was asking: Who was that girl?   I approached Stefan as soon as I saw him, at school. I could see he was pretty much as happy as I was.  
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