<3 Radio Rebel <3

Jessica Simmons is a member of a band, but the leader of the band is her crush Stefan Collins. Once their band's new hit is played on the radio by radio rebel, everyone wants to know who radio rebel is.


4. the band stuff


"Well, I-" I could tell he was getting nervous and I didn't let him finish.   "Stefan, you have to be more careful with the band's stuff!" I said in an accusing tone. "What would have happened if someone else took it and-" It was Stefan's turn to interrupt me.   "I'm really not in a mood for a fight, Sam." I could hear a hint of guilt in his voice and I felt kinda bad, but not enough to change my attitude. "Can't we just be happy that Radio Rebel likes our music enough to play it and call it inspiring?" I couldn't help but smile a little.      
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