<3 Radio Rebel <3

Jessica Simmons is a member of a band, but the leader of the band is her crush Stefan Collins. Once their band's new hit is played on the radio by radio rebel, everyone wants to know who radio rebel is.


7. slam fm studio


She suddenly stopped, taking me by surprise. I hid behind a tree and looked in the direction  she was looking. There were two weird guys who looked like they were spying someone and weren't doing a good job at it. Dorks. Sasha did her best to avoid them and I knew then for sure that the girl had something to hide.   She changed her way and I quickly followed her, close enough to see her every action but far away enough not to get caught. She entered SLAM through the back. This was it. I was going to find out whether she was Radio Rebel or not. I quickly made my way to the door after she had closed it.  
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