<3 Radio Rebel <3

Jessica Simmons is a member of a band, but the leader of the band is her crush Stefan Collins. Once their band's new hit is played on the radio by radio rebel, everyone wants to know who radio rebel is.


3. confusion


"It was Sasha!" I stared at him, puzzled. The name didn't ring a bell. "You know, the girl I'm working with for drama class."   "Oh, the one with bronde hair?" Stefan nodded with a smile. I slowly nodded back, wanting to know more about that girl.   "Yeah. She probably gave our demo to her dad who gave it to Radio Rebel."   "Oh, I thought you meant she was Radio Rebel." I really wanted to know who this Radio Rebel was. I mean, she played our song on the radio, I had to know who was this girl who wanted to make us famous. Then, I realized something. "Wait, how did she get our demo? Weren't  you the one keeping it?"  
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