When The Music Fades (A Zayn Malik FanFic)

What happens when 15 year old Ana Lopez wins a competition to meet her beloved One Direction? Will she find love and happiness in the boys she always dreamed about? Would she find something more? The true voice is heard when the music fades...


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 :) 

Ana finally felt the confidence she was waiting for. She quickly grabbed her long black hair in a ponytail and walked out of her bedroom. This was the moment to talk to her father. But she had to do it quickly, before she lost the confidence again. 

"Dad? Where are you?" she thought he was in the living room, but apparently she was wrong. 

"I'm in the kitchen!" he responded back with a calm tone. 

"Dad! Hey! I have a quick question!" 

"What's up sweetie?" he said with concern as he gently placed the knife on the cutting board. She hated interrupting him when he was cooking. 

"Well... Umm... I just won a competition to meet One Direction on London!" she said that all in one breath. Wow, was she nervous. 

"Why do you deserve to go?" he asked with curiosity as he picked up the knife once more. 

"Well," she began, "I've done my homework everyday, I help around the house as much as I can, I'm out of school and I've never said anything bad... Well except that one time I accidentally called a girl a jerk.... Oh my god, and the time I..." se began blabbering and got even more nervous. 

"Ana! Calm down! Breathe! You can go!" her dad's thin mouth turned into a wide open smile. 

"What?!? OH MY GOD! Thank you! Thank you!" she began screaming an ran to her room she had to call her best friends about it. But who would she call first? She quickly grabbed her phone and sent a simultaneous text to her two best buds. 

To: Jason ; Mia
"Skype! Now! Code RED!"

She quickly turned her computer on an signed into her Skype account. Se checked her online friends and was extremely happy that her friends were already on. Thank god they understood code reds! She clicked on their names and waited for the camera to begin to work. 

"Hey there!" Jason voice rang out. She loved having Jason as a guy best friend because he was always so peppy and happy. 

"Sup homies! This better be good! We've never Skyped as a code red before. Spill!" Mia said with a tone of humor. All three of them had been friends since 1st grade and loved the brother and sisters bond they all had. 

"Well..." Ana began. She told then everything. From getting home to crying to winning to asking. Everything. 

When she was done, they all sat with their mouths open. They were obviously surprised at what was happening. 

"So what do you guys think? And please close your mouths. Flies with create new homes in there." she began to chuckle. 

"That's fantastic! When do you leave?" Jason asked first. He was obviously very happy for Ana. 

"I leave August 3rd. So I have 2 weeks!" she said nonchalantly. 

"Wait... 2 weeks?!? We have to go shopping and buy you all the stuff you need! But! Oh my gosh.... YOU ARE MEETING AND SPENDING 3 WEEKS WITH ONE DIRECTION!! AHHH!" Mia was obviously happy. 

"I know.... Oh my god!" She felt butterflies in her stomach suddenly. 

She was meeting one direction.... She was meeting one direction... SHE WAS MEETING ONE DIRECTION!

"I'm meeting One Direction... Ahhhhh!" she began to scream. 

This was what she was waiting for... This was it...

Ana spent the next 2 hours talking about her trip. Every so often she would scream a little just to show her anxiety. At around 10 she finally laid in her bed and thought of all the had occurred this weekend. Her life was about to change. 

She turned on her iPod and put her earbuds in. She played her One Direction album and shut her eyes. 

She fell asleep as the music faded. 

The next two weeks went by in a flash. No one knew that she had won and she was appreciative of that. Not many people knew of One Direction, even though they believed they did. 

She, Mia, and Jason would spend hours at the mall after school in search of the stuff Ana needed. She was very grateful for the way they accepted her winning and knew she would do something to repay them. 
Ana woke up that early Saturday movie with a giant smile. This was the day she had been waiting for all her life. She would finally meet the boys. And most of all... Zayn. 

She was in love with Zayn. His adorable black quiff. His genuine, sheepish smile. And his loving brown eyes. 

Zayn Malik. 

It wasn't that she didn't love the rest of them, no. Not at all! She loved them all, equally the same. But something about Zayn always grabbed her heart and gave it a simple, loving warmth. Something he didn't recieve much. She loved Zayn. Not as a member of a famous band, but as a guy who held a deep sensibility to himself. 

Ana snapped out of her daydreaming phase and glanced at the clock. 8:15.... 8:15?!?! 

"Holy crap!" Ana shouted as she jumped out of bed. Her plane left at 9:30. This was bad, real bad! She ran to the restroom and began brushing her teeth. She ran to go wake her parents up but notices that they were having breakfast. 

"Morning! Ima take a shower and we'll be on our way!" Ana sounded a bit demanding but she didn't mean to sound like that. 

And of course, her parents understood.  "Yes sir!" her mother said with a wink. She giggled and ran to take a hot shower. 

This was just the beginning of her day. And she knew it would be great. 

Or would it? 

Does anyon actually enjoy this story?? :o
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