When The Music Fades (A Zayn Malik FanFic)

What happens when 15 year old Ana Lopez wins a competition to meet her beloved One Direction? Will she find love and happiness in the boys she always dreamed about? Would she find something more? The true voice is heard when the music fades...


2. Chapter 2


"Hi mom! How's it going?" Ana put on her best smile and innocent voice.    "What is it now?" Ana's mother had obviously caught on to her game.    "You're never gonna believe me!" Ana's excitement could no longer be contained. "I won a trip to go to London to meet One Direction!"    Her mother dropped the spoon she was holding and looked at her daughter. Slowly her face formed into a bold smile. "That's fantastic! When is it? How much? With who? Why?" her mother always asked the tough questions.    "Well, it's in August, it's completely free, it's me and four other girls that won, and they want to interact with their American fans. So what do you think?!?" She felt a turning in her stomach as she feared for the worst.    "Well... You have to ask your father. But if it were up to me.... You can go."    Ana jumped and screamed in pure excitement. She did a happy dance and began to hum a simple tune. But then she came to an sudden freeze frame.    Her father.... He would never approve.... But she had to convince him somehow...     Somehow...         AN: :D
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