When The Music Fades (A Zayn Malik FanFic)

What happens when 15 year old Ana Lopez wins a competition to meet her beloved One Direction? Will she find love and happiness in the boys she always dreamed about? Would she find something more? The true voice is heard when the music fades...


1. Chapter 1

"No mom! I'll eat when I finish my bio work!" Ana yelled as she ran to the computer in the small living room. School was rough, but she had been checking her twitter when she discovered that the boys were having a twitcam.
But these were not ordinary boys! They were THE boys.


One Direction (if you didn't know).

They were Ana's life! All she ever wanted, thought about, or dreamed of were these boys before her very eyes.

The best part? They had a surprise set for some close fans.

Ana was scared and nervous.

What if she had missed the twitcam?!?

"Lord, please don't let me miss my boys on twitcam. Please?!?" she pleaded with all her strength.

She clicked on the link beneath Liam's tweet. "Hey! Join us for a surprise! (twitcam.livestream.com/245djrjbfkrpkfn).

****loading**** ERROR.

The flashing error screen made Ana's heart tear. "No!!!!" she began to feel her eyes sting as she felt her stomach drop.

She has missed her chance at looking at all the boys together, she knew this didn't happen often.

But at the bottom of the screen was a small link in navy blue that read 'If you received this message please click here: redirect.net/360629geknf.

She clicked it with little hope left.

But a small screen began to load.

"The hell is this?" Ana's voice resounded through the now empty home.

All of a sudden, the boys' beautiful faces came up!

"Well it seems we now have all 5 viewers!" Liam's  masculine voice beamed with joy.

"Welcome number 5!" Louis' amazing voice shouted.

"Woo!" the rest screamed in unison.

"Well, hello there first of all." Liam smiled brilliantly. "You may be wondering what the heck we are doing and looking at us with open mouths."

Ana quickly noticed that her mouth was indeed open and quickly shut it. What the heck was happening?!

"But we want to take this time to inform you guys on what's going on!" Zayn's smooth voice boomed through Ana's computer. He had always been her favorite.

"We randomly got our tech people to chose five lucky ladies to come visit us in London!" Niall's sweet Irish accent was irresistible.

"Those! Are! You! Watching! Us! Now!" Harry said every word with a cute bounce to his curl.

"What?!? Omg?!? Agh! That's me!" Ana screamed and was super excited! "Oh my god! One Direction! Me! London!"

"So! Just email us at onedirection@gmail.com, babes!" Louis was always so adorable.

"You ladies will be leaving Friday August 3rd and will be joining us for 3 weeks on our European tour, so bring some warm clothes and video devices! We want you guys to remember this event for a while!" Liam's smile was so big and sweet. "We'll be expecting your info in the email inbox soon. Make sure you include all the necessary info, which is located on the bottom of this screen. We can't wait to see you all!" Zayn was excited and his voice showed it.

"Bye!" they all said it in sweet harmony.

Ana was excited and thrilled but then...


It hit her...


How the heck were here strict parents going to let their fifteen year old daughter, travel through 9 different cities with 5 hormonal boys. Especially One Direction?!





Hey guys! This is Chapter 1 of my Zayn Malik fanfic. hope you like it! I already have 17 chapters written on a different website, but I am not tekking which one ;D so comment, like, fan me... Whatecver floats your dingy :) _Luck, Love. and Infinity M5HH <3

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