Amy Collin's magazine

The story is about Amy and her little sister Shakira. Amy flies down to L.A to find a job while back home in California Shakira is trying to find a husband. And while Shakira is finding a husband Amy gets a job working for Mrs. Lambert the most famous magazine publisher in L.A.


1. Getting to know Amy Collin and her sister


            Amy collin lived in Florida until she was 7. Her mom and dad got divorced and her sister shakira and her moved with her mom to FLorida and her two brothers moved with there dad to Washington D.C. Amy is now 26 and shakira is 24 and they haven't seen there brother's sence they were 7 years old. Shakira is trying to find a man because she wants to have a child and she wants to get married. On the other hand Amy wants to go to L.A and get a job at a fmous place and help her mother out because her mother has lung cancer.When Amy was 10 her dram job was to work for Mrs.Lambert the most famous magazine publisher.

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