Why Did You Leave? (One Direction Fanfiction)


Aria. She used to be best friends with Harry. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One Direction. They used to do everything together... Until it happened. Harry left Aria for the X-Factor. He didn't tell her. Warn her. Not even send her a text. Aria only found out when she asked Anne and Gemma. Even with everything Aria was going through... Harry left her. 3 years later, he's back. He bought his band mates too. What happens when One Direction get mobbed by fans and end up at Aria's house? Feelings start to develop, hearts get broken. Through all of this, Aria can only trust two people. Nash & Grace. Her brother, and her best friend. Love, Hate and More is to be discovered in this story. Will Harry find out why Aria is always upset? Or will it remain a mystery?


17. Telling everyone.


Aria's POV.


It had been two weeks since me abd Niall started dating. I've learnt alot. The boys' have grown on me, they're more like brothers now. Apart from Niall. It isn't love that hurts. It's rejection. Loneliness hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with Love. But in reality, love is the only thing that makes someone feel wonderful. I feel it now. The first love. But people say the first fall is the deepest cut. I hope Niall never hurts me. He promised.

"Aria?" Liam asked, snapping me out of my love thoughts. "Exactly why did you call us all here?" Right. I called them here. I better get on with it. OR I can chicken out and say a complete lie. No, I can't do that because I need to tell them. Liam and Grace were getting on well. I knew they liked eachother so I pushed Liam to ask her out three days ago. Now they're all lovely dovely.

"Right. Haz. Nash. Grace. I think it's time." They nod at me. I face the other four. Louis was getting impatient, Liam had a eyebrow raised as did Zayn and Niall just looked pure confused. His eyes went wide,

"Your Pregnant?! BUT-" I cut him off as fast as I could,

"NO! NO NO NO!" I screamed. Hell to the nah. I am NOT pregnant. Taking a deep breath, I began,

"For a long time I've been hiding this from you guys. The story behind my scar and the letter I got yesterday. I'd like to explain so you can understand why I'm shy around people." They nodded, urging me to carry on. "When I was 10 my mum died. After that my dad turned agressive, and abusive. One night, when I was 14 he came home drunk. He tied up Nash, starting to beat him up. I stood in the corner, terified. Nash had passed out in 10 minutes of beating. My father came over to me, and tied me up too. But he asked me questions to do with my personal life. Thing such as if I was a virgin. I screamed at him thinking I could be strong. He abused me. It came to the part where he came out with a knife. He dug it deep into my neck. Thats how the scar was formed. He could of slit my neck but Marisa stopped him. Marisa was 18 at the time. She was my older sister, along with Nash's. She called 999 and they arrested my father. But whilst the police were there, Marisa ran. She ran away from home." By now tears were spilling. I'm sure my mascara had ran.

"Marisa left her phone number. As soon as I got back from hospital, I rang her. She picked up and said she had gone to Doncaster. She mentioned you Lou." I paused, wanting a reaction. The boys' had tears in their eyes as well.

"Marisa Reynolds? She was my friend. I thought I recognised you. She had a picture of you and Nash in her apartment." He smiled.

"Anyway. Yesterday, I got a letter from her. She has a kid and is happily married. I'm happy. But sad. I want to see her." I finished. Then I lost it. Bursting into tears.

Nash's POV.

Now Ari said it. I have to tell Harry. Everything.

"Haz? Can we talk?" he nodded and followed me to the kitchen.

"Yeah?" He said.

"Imdatingyoursister" I said, as quick as posible.


"He said he's dating your sister," Aria slowly explained, I shot hear the meanest look I could give. She smiled through her tears. If looks could kill, Ari would be lying on the floor dead. So would I with the glare Harry was giving me.

"WHAT?!" He yelled. Shit. Maybe It wasn't the best time to tell him. A knock on the door saved me from a beating.








Who's at the door? Another chap when my bro sleeps. THANKS FOR THE READS. I like the beggining of this chap. WHAT ABOUT YOU? FEEDBACK PLEASEEE.


I'm thinking of a new movella. It will be a Zayn one. It'll be called: A secret in Paris. I'll give you guys the bio:

Avery Rossete has always dreamed of going Paris. She saved up for a ticket and is finally going to be living her dream. But on that plane she meets the biggest boyband of all. One Direction. Avery is hiding a seceret. A big one. It stops her from bieng with the one she loved. Zayn Malik. Zayn had his player ways to get Avery. He has multiple ways of doing it. And Avery fell for it. But because of this secret behind her last name she can't date him. The secret involves Louis, Is the hint your getting! Will Avery tell Zayn this big secret. Will she reaveal her true identity?


There. The book will be better than the bio. Do not worry. What do you guys think? If yes, I'll only be writing after I finish this one and when I'm doing the sequel I'll write ASIP...(A secret in Paris)



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