Why Did You Leave? (One Direction Fanfiction)


Aria. She used to be best friends with Harry. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One Direction. They used to do everything together... Until it happened. Harry left Aria for the X-Factor. He didn't tell her. Warn her. Not even send her a text. Aria only found out when she asked Anne and Gemma. Even with everything Aria was going through... Harry left her. 3 years later, he's back. He bought his band mates too. What happens when One Direction get mobbed by fans and end up at Aria's house? Feelings start to develop, hearts get broken. Through all of this, Aria can only trust two people. Nash & Grace. Her brother, and her best friend. Love, Hate and More is to be discovered in this story. Will Harry find out why Aria is always upset? Or will it remain a mystery?


27. Speechless


Grace's POV.

"Indigooo?" I say coming downstairs. She smiles at me.

"Where's Drake?" She asked,

"At home." She grinned eviely and left. I raised an eyebrow and went back to Harry. "She worshipped you. And what did you do?" I resumed our conversation.

"I..." Speechless. Well that's just how I do.

"Exactly" I say, marching out. I locked my gaze with Liam's. He imedintaly knew something was wrong. He slipped his hand into mine and lead me out to the trampoline.

"What's wrong?" He asked, softly. He's so sweet and soft. I'm happy i'm not in Aria's place and happily with Liam. I laid my head on his shoulder, sighing.

"To tell you the truth Liam, I don't know. I really don't. I want the best for Aria. But I don't know who's the best. Seriously, Niall is sweet. And if Harry isn't outside her door, it's not gonna be pretty." I said. I feel, I can speak my thoughts to Liam. Like I can tell him anything. Yet there's a part of me that I should back away from the relationship. That i'm not ready for one yet. I dunno.

Liam lifted my chin up.

"Everyone has a problem. Right now, Aria's is the biggest. I think she needs to do what her heart tells her to do. Not her brain. Her heart." He lent in and pecked me softly on the lips. Even though it was a PG kiss, I still felt the sparks flying. We haven't had our first kiss. We kept getting interrupted. It's getting on my nerves.

We sat there on the trampoline and I felt my eyes flutter shut.


A burning light woke me up. The sun? It took about a minute for everything to come back to me. Me and Liam were cuddled up on the trampoline. I shifted a bit and unfortunately he woke up. 

"Liam..." I groaned. Then, my eyes shot open. IT'S A TUESDAY!!! "What's the time?!" I asked frantically.

"8:01." He answered, stretching his arms.

"Dance class!" I jumped up and dragged him inside with me.

Aria's POV.

I yawned, slapping the alarm to make it shut up. I really didn't want to go to dance today. I just don't want to get out of this room. I pushed the covers off me and threw my legs on to the ground. Opening the door, I found a sleeping Niall. His back was slumped up against the wall next to the door. He had bags under his eyes. His hair messy. Had I really done this to my boyfriend?! I'm so bad. So so so Bad. Just bad.

Not as bad as Cleo.

Ugh. Why do I have to think about her?! 

I placed a soft kiss on Niall's cheek and dragged my feet downstairs. I found Liam and Grace se=itting on the table, eating.

"Quick Aria! We're gon- Wait... what's the day?" She asked. 

"23rd August..." I said, matter-of-factly.

"IT'S RESULT DAY!" She clapped. I suddenly went nervous. I dropped the carton of milk in my hand, letting it spill. There was a gasp. I didn't care one bit. My results are in the postbox right now. I want a good result. I froze in my place thinking negative.

I was about to rush and get them, but was stopped by Grace.

"Relax. We'll get them later." I nodded and sat down for cereal. I'm not making any breakfast today. Not in the mood. Not even if Louis falls to my feet and begs.

"PLEEEEAASSSE ARI! PLEASSSEE!" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked down. There kneeling, hands together was Louis. Begging.


"No Louis." I said stubbornly. He got up and muttered a 'fine'.

"Aren't you two meant to be at Dance?" Louis asked.

"Result day." I answered. He nodded.

"Why don't we all go to watch a movie then have a picnic?" Liam suggested. I decided to agree since they'd be gone in about a week.

"A movie? Can I come?" A high pitched voice asked. I turned my head and saw Cleo standing in the door way of the kitchen.

"Actuall-" Grace was cut off.

"Great! I'll see what movies are on in the cinema on my laptop." She skipped upstairs humming, loudly.

"Bitch." Louis mumbled.

"Louis." I warned. He said sorry. Just then, Harry came in.

"I don't want to come." He said quietly. I became interested in the contents of my bowl. As Harry left, I mumbled,

"I'm not hungry." I went upstairs, ignoring all the 'Wait' calls. Niall was awake, humming a song.

"Niall?" I said, he looked up.

"Ari!" He jumped up and hugged me. 

"Don't ever do that again." I said, wiping his cheeks.


"Don't ever wait for me." He hugged me tighter and as we pulled away, he kissed me passionately. The most passionate he's ever done.






Sooo... What do you think pineapples?

I just wanna give a shoutout to Carsyn A.KA Mrs. Tomlinson



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