Why Did You Leave? (One Direction Fanfiction)


Aria. She used to be best friends with Harry. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One Direction. They used to do everything together... Until it happened. Harry left Aria for the X-Factor. He didn't tell her. Warn her. Not even send her a text. Aria only found out when she asked Anne and Gemma. Even with everything Aria was going through... Harry left her. 3 years later, he's back. He bought his band mates too. What happens when One Direction get mobbed by fans and end up at Aria's house? Feelings start to develop, hearts get broken. Through all of this, Aria can only trust two people. Nash & Grace. Her brother, and her best friend. Love, Hate and More is to be discovered in this story. Will Harry find out why Aria is always upset? Or will it remain a mystery?


7. Nightmares



Still Louis' POV.


Harry lay Aria down on the couch, carefully.

"What- Why is she unconscious?" Nash panicked. I saw the worried look on his face and out the corner of my eye, Niall had a sorry and worried expression too.

"When I-" Harry stopped as we heard something from Aria.

"Harry! No!" She started to breath heavily. What happened to her?

"Save me Harry!" She began to twist and turn. Harry sat down on the carpet. He took her hand.

"What is it Ari?" He asked, as if she would answer. 

"Stop him! Nash! Harry! You were right!" She breathed heavier. Nash stood up, mumbling something.

"Please Jamie... Don't..." With that she kicked the air and suddenly she clutched her scar, screaming. Aria's eyes shot open. She rolled onto Harry crying for her life.

"Harry... It happened again..." She whispered. We gathered around her, giving her reassuring hugs and talks.

"It's okay. He's gone." Nash said.

"N-Nash? I-I-I Want to go to bed." She stammered. Nash took Aria out of Harry's arms and took her upstairs. I only had question going through my mind.

Who the heck is Jamie?

Where is the scar from?

Why was Aria in Harry's arms when he walked in?

And so much more. I sighed.


Will I ever get a answer?


Harry's POV. 


I buried my head in my hands, silent tears falling. Today has been a long and emotional day.

Niall. The Kiss.

Aria asking me why I left without telling her.

The storm.

Aria fainting.

Her nightmare she gets everyday.

What next? All I wanted to do is to go to bed with no worries. Nash came downstairs.

"Do you guys want to sleep?" he asked. I glanced over at the clock. 10PM. We nodded. Sleep is all I wanted. We followed Nash up the stairs. When we were nearly at the top, I heard a scream. The others heard it to because they rushed upstairs with me.

Aria's POV.


I screamed. As loud as I could, hoping some one would hear me.

The door swung open, waking me up. 6 boys stood with worried expressions. They were recognisable. 

"Ari, he's dead now. There's no need to worry," Nash reassured me. This happened every night. I would have the night mare and Nash would reassure me.

"W-What If h-he comes b-back?" I couldn't talk properly,

"He won't. And that's a promise." He smiled, walking over to me and sitting on the edge of the bed. Long ass minute of silence. Damn. Why'd that always happen?

"I have a idea!"Louis exclaimed. We looked at him. One eyebrow raised. Tears on my cheeks. "LETS CRASH IN ARIA'S ROOM! THEN SHE WON'T HAVE NIGHTMARES!" he yelled. I liked the idea so I nodded since everyone stared at me. Louis, Zayn, Niall or Liam didn't know why the hell I was thrashing. I sighed. The 6 boys went out of the room and came back with their own pillows. Suddenly, I felt 6 bodies next to mine. 


It felt different.


It felt...




















Gave you guys some clues. Hope you enjoyed :) xx













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