Why Did You Leave? (One Direction Fanfiction)


Aria. She used to be best friends with Harry. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One Direction. They used to do everything together... Until it happened. Harry left Aria for the X-Factor. He didn't tell her. Warn her. Not even send her a text. Aria only found out when she asked Anne and Gemma. Even with everything Aria was going through... Harry left her. 3 years later, he's back. He bought his band mates too. What happens when One Direction get mobbed by fans and end up at Aria's house? Feelings start to develop, hearts get broken. Through all of this, Aria can only trust two people. Nash & Grace. Her brother, and her best friend. Love, Hate and More is to be discovered in this story. Will Harry find out why Aria is always upset? Or will it remain a mystery?


22. New Girl


Zayn's POV.


I really hate this Cleo chick. I swear Niall can't see it. It's only been two days since Cleo had been in the house and everyone already hates her. Well, except Niall. To him, she's a innocent, forgiving, no harm doing girl. Ugh. I really need a girl in my life.

I was sitting in the living room, on the window ledge.

"HANNAH!!!" I heard a familiar voice yell. My head shot up to stare out the window. I slid it open.

"Aria? Can you... like... not make so much noise? I've got a bangin' headache." I pleaded. She nodded, but it wasn't her. My eyes fell onto a beautiful, greenish-greyish eyes. Her bronze hair fell to just below her shoulders. Her plush pink lips formed into a smille as she waved to me. I swear I saw a left side dimple. She wore some shorts, showing of her tanned legs. Her top had 'MTV' printed on it and it was of her shoulder.

"Hey, I'm Hannah." She introduced. I smiled at her sweet voice.

"Hey, I'm Zayn." I smiled, hopefully catching her under my charm. I calmly walked out side, winning a glare from Aria. I chuckled silently.

"How are you Hannah?" I asked, slightly pushing Aria out of the way. She muttered something about 'so much for meeting up with a best friend' then she stormed inside.

"I'm good. Thanks. What about you?" She said, the smile never leaving her face.

"Amazing after I heard your sweet voice," I flirted. She blushed. Oh how it looked cute on her.

Hannah's POV.


Why did this guy look so familiar?

"Do you wanna come inside?" Zayn asked.

"Sure," I smiled, hoping I had this cute guy under my charm. He slipped his hand into mine and looked at me for approval. I nodded. To tell you the truth, I was freaking out inside because his hand felt so soft. It's like both our hands fitted like a puzzle. I couldn't help but feel a pair of eyes on us. I looked at the window and saw five heads, quickly duck. Unfortanatly, I didn't see they're faces. We walked inside and saw five humans in fits of laughter on the floor.

"HA! LOUIS! YOU OWE ME A TENNER!"(for those who don't know, that's ten pounds) Aria laughed, crawling over to a boy in a stripytop. She stuck her hand out, as she stood up, her amazing locks swaying in process. I loved her hair. The guy, who seemed familiar, gave her ten pounds. A blond haired boy, snuck up to her, slidding his arms around her waist and kissing the space under her ear. They look so cute! I envy for a relationship like that.

I saw the curly haired boy tense up but it shook off faster than lightning. I did a doubletake.

"HARRY?!" I yelled, releasing Zayn's hand. I ran up to him, practically KILLING Harry as I hugged him.

"HANNAH!" He yelled as soon as he could breath again. "Did you know i'm famous?" I shook my head. "GURRRLLL. YOU NEED A BIT OF CATCHING UP TO DO!!!" Soon, he explained his rise to fame with 4 besties. That's how Zayn was familiar.

Suddenly, a blond skipped down the stairs.

"Where's Niall?" She asked, giving me a death stare. I didn't even do anything.










That's all for nowwww!!! What do you think Cleo's gonna ask Niall for?

Oh and I'm watching the VMA's finally! So proud of the boys!!!

I uploaded because I loved !!NINGA-GUMMIES!!! comment!


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