Why Did You Leave? (One Direction Fanfiction)


Aria. She used to be best friends with Harry. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One Direction. They used to do everything together... Until it happened. Harry left Aria for the X-Factor. He didn't tell her. Warn her. Not even send her a text. Aria only found out when she asked Anne and Gemma. Even with everything Aria was going through... Harry left her. 3 years later, he's back. He bought his band mates too. What happens when One Direction get mobbed by fans and end up at Aria's house? Feelings start to develop, hearts get broken. Through all of this, Aria can only trust two people. Nash & Grace. Her brother, and her best friend. Love, Hate and More is to be discovered in this story. Will Harry find out why Aria is always upset? Or will it remain a mystery?



Grace's POV.

"Strawberry?" Asks Niall, offering one to Aria.

"Don't mind If I do." she smiles. Taking the strawberry, she swings her head back and tosses it into her mouth.

"WHOA! Awesome! Again!" Louis laughs, acting like a 5 year old. She laughs and does it again.

"Wicked!" Niall grins. Aria wipes her mouth. Liam turns to me. 

"What're you reading?" He asks.

"Alice in wonderland,"

"Aren't you a bit to old for that?" He raises an eye brow.

"NO!" I protest.

"You're never to old for Wonderland." Louis says angrily. Liam laughs.

"I can tell." 

"Hey!" I say, hitting him, playfully. He smiles.

"What Uni are you thinking about?"

"Oh, um... Sydney uni in Australia."

"We did a tour there." Said Liam. "Australia's nice."

"It was." Niall butts in, reaching for another strawberry.

"What's it like?" Aria asked, eyes wide.

"Hot. Well, some parts. They have nice Tim Tams though. You should try them when you go Sydney." Says Niall.

"It's not definite. I might not get in." Aria says.

"You'll get in." Niall said, as if stating the obvious.

"Might not." She said.

"Well, on the bright side. If you don't, you can have a great career in Mac Donald's!" Louis smirked. I rolled my eyes. Typical Louis. Did he have to ruin everything?

Niall smiled. "Y'know. We could visit you. We're doing another tour there next year."

"I know. I have tickets." I said, lying down on the blanket. Liam shifted so he sat next to me. 

"Really? Where're you sitting?" He asked.

"We're in A." Aria replied.

"Y'know. We're allowed to invite people to the concert, there're some reserved seats closer to the stage." Louis explained.

"You could have them if you wanted..." Liam said, looking down at me.

"That'd be great!" Said Aria excitedly. Niall smiled and slipped his hand into hers. She looked up at him grinning.

"But there's something you should know..." Liam began.

"What?!" I asked, worriedly.

"After summer, we won't be able to see you anymore."

"Why not?" Aria asked.

"We're going on tour."

"Where?" I asked, trying to look like a supportive girlfriend. And not trying to show my disappointment to Liam. I should be happy for him.

"America." He grinned.

"It'll be great!" Said Niall.

"We can skype! It's only for a month then I'm back!" Liam reassured.

"No... then we're touring Ireland." Niall reminded him.

"Oh yeah..."

"But I think management said we could bring a guest." Louis said. Liam and Niall pulled something out from their backs.

"O-Our Results?!" I said shakily, taking the envelope from Liam. Aria took hers from Niall and we looked at eachother. Then we ripped them open. Aria began jumping up and down, while I sat in place. I didn't pass. Oh well. I wasn't looking for a job in Dance.

Aria's POV.


After the movies

Niall slipps his hand into mine, pulling me forward. We walk ahead, swinging our arms.

"Aria." Niall begins, "I'm gald you gave Cleo a second chance."

I smile. "She's not that bad."

He grins. "I know. I think she's been nervous about meeting you guys." I nod.

"We need to talk about her party."

"Ok. What about it?"

"Well... Everything. Who to invite. Dates... Just everything."

"Well. We could invite her friends, buy chips... you make some cupcakes... but only if you want to."

"I do."

"She's going in a week so it should be on her last day."

"Okay." I say lookig at him. He really likes Cleo.

"So I'll get details on her friends and you organize a list of things we need to buy."

"Kay." I say. He smiles.

"Thank you again. For giving her a chance."


Grace's POV.


At the house

"HEY!" I say, opening the door. "WE'RE HOME!"

"Hi" Hannah says, smiling. "Zayn and I were watching Peter Pan."

"Oooooh!" Aria exclaims. "I love Peter Pan."

"We were having a Disney movie marathon.!" Zayn says, grinning from ear to ear.

"I'll go get blankets for you guys." Hannah says, bolting upstairs.

"Toy story?" Liam asks. I nod.

"Move over." Aria says to Zayn. He obeys. Niall sits next to Aria. I walk through the door way, Liam and Cleo following.

"I'm going to go to my room." Cleo says, quietly. What's up with her?!

"I'll help you hannah." I say, walking into the kitchen. She smiles and nods. I pour some salt over the bowl of microwave popcorn that's just came out.

"Here. I'll take it out." Someone says from behind me, taking the popcorn away from me carefully.

"Thanks Liam." I say, turning around. He grins.

"No problem." I run to the couch and sit next to Niall. Liam sits next to me, handing me the bowl politely. "Want some?"

"HEY!" Hannah says. "There's no more space on the couch..."

"SHHHHH... It's the part when they fly away with Peter!" Aria says.

"Sit on me." Zayn says. she smles. THEY'RE TOO CUTE.









here you are pine apples. NICE AND LONG XxIvyxX


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