My life with one direction

Based on a dream I had, Candice a 16 year old girl is dating Niall Horan, where will things end up when Candice and her best friend are invited to London with the Boiz of one direction? Wat happens between Ashley and Harry?


1. The beginning of a perfect relationship

'Candice and Ashley come here for a second' of course my aunt calls upon me to run her errands. ' yes mom?' I replied as I jump out of the box of my brothers truck giving Niall a quick kiss before I leave. ' I need u and Ashley to go get me some McDonald's I haven't eaten all day,' 'ok than wat do u want?' -aunt says wat she wants- ' ok than I'll go see of Niall wants to come.' -Candice and Ashley go over to the Boiz- ' hey Niall wanna come to McDonald's?' 'of course babes :)' 'no he's gonna stay with us' of course this made no sense considering my brother doesn't exactly like Niall, ' wat do u mean Dominic? U don't like Niall y would u want him to stay with u?' 'well if he's gonna date my little sister he's gonna have to deal with me and pass my test, and besides i wanna get to know him' ' y don't I ask Candice something about him she practically knows everything about him' 'SHUT UP ASHLEY -blushes- lets go befor the parents get mad, luv u Niall -kisses Niall and walks away-'
'soooo hows it feel Dating the Niall Horan?' ever since me and Niall started dating last month Ashley's been bugging me about it, especially the past few days Niall has been sleeping over since he Boiz finally got a break, the other Boiz r all in England with their families. 'it's just like dating the kids at school, but he's irish and his blue eyes and his accent and his laugh and.....'CANDICE!' 'huh oh sorry ash, -blushes-' ' ur such a loser hahaha but I still luv u'
'u better considering I'm letting u spend a week at my house since u got done school already'
'can I help who's next?' -Candice and Ashley walk up to counter and order- ' so when u gonna hook me and Harry up? Remember u promised if u ended up with Niall ud hook me up with Harry' '-whispering- ssshhhhh keep it down Ashley -grabs the food and leaves' -Ashley runs up to candice- 'keep wat down?' 'u and Harry hooking up me and niall' 'y wats wrong with them?' 'uhhhh I don't want half of st.thomas knowing about it' 'how would they know about it?' 'really Ashley how many harry and nialls do u know' ' ummmm Harry and Niall from one direction' 'exactly that means half the people think that's who ur talking about' 'but that is who I'm talking about' 'PEOPLE DON'T NEED TO KNOW THAT' 'awwwww look there's Niall waiting for u :)' 'awwwwwww' 'hey babes ya Dominic seems very protective of u just saying' 'I know I'm his little sister practically so he's gotta protect me, any way imma go take this to the parents I'll be back, -takes food to parents-' 'thanks sweety' -uncle Paul's phone rings,uncle Paul walks away and answers phone- -Candice goes over to Niall dominic and Ashley- 'niall can u come her for a miniute' 'ya coming uncle Paul' -Niall runs over to uncle Paul- 'ya?' 'I need u to take Candice on a perfect date some where thatll make her happy and it has to be tonight' 'y tonight I don't know where to take her' 'well we need to have her happy before we tell her the news' 'w-wat news?' 'Niall u have to promise not to tell her' 'of course not' 'it's her dad, he. Died in a car accident' 'b-b-but I never even got to meet him' 'I know but I need u to take Candice on a date and make her really happy' 'well where do I take her?' 'take her to port Stanley beach, there's a small restaurant called mackies, eat there and after take her for a walk on the beach, bring her back at 10:00pm' 'sure thing uncle Paul' -Niall walks away-
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