<3 Summer Not To Be Forgotten <3

When Skyler Graham goes to California to stay with her auntie for the summer, she doesnt expect to fall in love, but she does. she falls in love with Josh Brown, a cute and popular guy who is taken by the mean popular girl Claire Homes.


6. seeing the fire in her eyes


I could already see the fire in her eyes, but it didn’t matter nearly as much as it did to see that Josh was impressed. I guess he was used to Claire's, well, rudeness..  At least now I knew it wasn’t personal…I think. I suddenly felt closed in and panicky. I just wanted to get away somewhere, anywhere other than right here with Claire giving me the evil eye, her friends doing the same, while the guys talked about whatever it is they were talking about.  I looked at Josh out of the corner of my eye to see if he felt the way I did. He seemed to be listening to Jack tell some story about football, but didn’t seem too into to it. When his eyes met mine, they seemed to hold a question.  
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