<3 Summer Not To Be Forgotten <3

When Skyler Graham goes to California to stay with her auntie for the summer, she doesnt expect to fall in love, but she does. she falls in love with Josh Brown, a cute and popular guy who is taken by the mean popular girl Claire Homes.


5. making Claire mad


Claire seemed to manage to give me a forced smile, but I could tell from the look on her face what she was really thinking; she’s staying for the whole summer!!! Like I would make it my goal to ruin her summer. Sheesh.  “So how do you know Josh?” Claire asked. I could feel her eyes looking me up and down.   “Actually, we just met. I just sort of accidently ran into him” I could feel my cheeks getting warm as I looked down at the ground. When I looked up, my eyes met Josh’s and once again the butterflies were back in action.    “Oh, so do you always talk to strangers?”she asked. Just the Hot ones. I knew it was meant to be a dig, but I decided that I it was probably best to act naive. I smiled at Claire, trying to make it at least look sort of real.   ”I guess I just like meet new people.” I smiled brightly at Josh purposefully, knowing it would make Claire mad.  
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