<3 Summer Not To Be Forgotten <3

When Skyler Graham goes to California to stay with her auntie for the summer, she doesnt expect to fall in love, but she does. she falls in love with Josh Brown, a cute and popular guy who is taken by the mean popular girl Claire Homes.


11. Josh syndrome and tom-dote


“No, its fine. My name is Skyler. I would tell you I’m from New Jersey, but looks like you already knew that”, I said with a curious look on my face. He chuckled.  “I heard Miss ‘stick up her butt’ telling Jackie about you.”, he said gesturing to Sally. ” Here for the whole summer huh?” I shrugged and smiled.  “ Looks like it.”  “ You don’t sound to thrilled about it.”, he said giving me a playful, sad puppy face. I laughed.  “ No, I’m glad, its just…” I glanced at Josh talking to Claire. ”…I don’t know” I said.  “Ahhhh, I see what you mean. You’ve got the Josh syndrome. A very common virus here in California.” He nodded knowingly. I smiled for what seemed like the billionth time while talking to Tom.  “Oh really?” I acted surprised, even though we both knew it was obvious that Josh was practically irresistible.  “ Oh yes, I’ve seen it many many times before. In fact you could call me an expert on it”, he said thoughtfully. I put my hand on my head in despair. I sighed loudly.  “Oh, dear, I hope its not deadly! Is there, by any chance, a cure?” I took a flirtatious step towards him.  ‘ Well I have seen one antidote that seems to work.” He smiled, a devilish gleam in his eyes. I opened my eyes wide and gasped.  “Huh! And what would that be?” He slowly put his arm around me.” I’m really not supposed to tell but…..He leaned in and whispered in my ear. “ It’s a type of medicine called ‘Tom-dote’. I hear it works like a charm.”   
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