<3 Summer Not To Be Forgotten <3

When Skyler Graham goes to California to stay with her auntie for the summer, she doesnt expect to fall in love, but she does. she falls in love with Josh Brown, a cute and popular guy who is taken by the mean popular girl Claire Homes.


4. getting to know the populars

 So the leader was Claire, the two behind her were Sally and Tammie, and the guys were Jack and Sam,I thought, hoping I could remember which is which.

As they reached where we were standing, Claire went and stood by Josh; very close, I might add, while the others sort of circled around. Claire wrapped her arms around Josh. “Where have you been, we looked all over for you!” she said.

She gave me a dirty look. “Who are you? Someone call B**** 911.

I smiled at my little snide comment, and was tempted to laugh when I saw that my little grin seemed to annoy Claire.

Josh, however, seemed to look amused again. With a deep breath, I told myself that I would remain neutral if anything should happen. At least for now, HeHe.

“Hi, I’m Skyler. I’m visiting here from New Jersey for the summer.”Nice. I smiled to myself. Lets just hope I could stay calm for the rest of the night.

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