<3 Summer Not To Be Forgotten <3

When Skyler Graham goes to California to stay with her auntie for the summer, she doesnt expect to fall in love, but she does. she falls in love with Josh Brown, a cute and popular guy who is taken by the mean popular girl Claire Homes.


12. cant take no more well bye bye


I laughed. Suddenly, I realized how quiet it seemed. Oh crap. I quickly took a step away from Tom and turned to see Sally, Jackie, Josh, and Claire staring at us.  “ Well, you sure work fast don’t you?” Claire said with a sneer. I rolled my eyes. I was sick or her crap. I looked at Josh, but he was just staring blankly at the bench beside us.  “Don’t be jealous, Claire. We all know your just mad at Skyler because she actually has a shot with Josh, while you don’t.”, Tom said. I looked at him, surprised, then smiled. He gave me a reassuring glance.  “ Don’t you agree Josh?” he said, jokingly.  Claire obviously couldn’t take it anymore. She turned and stormed off, Sally quickly doing the same. Josh finally laughed. He looked at Tom shaking his head.  “Man, you’re gonna get your head bitten off.”  Tom pretended to brush it off. “Nah, she won’t eat me. Too many calories.” He smiled.  “So are we gonna ride this wheel thingy or what?” He roped his arm through Jackie’s.  “ See you guys”, he said winking.  
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