<3 Me And My Best Friend <3

Sophie Grey could not imagine her life being any better. She has the perfect life. The perfect family and the perfect friends. But when being friends with in her opinion the cutest member of the Janoskians Luke Brooks she falls in love.


6. Lukes here


“Oi soph- Luke’s here!” I head Adam yell from the front door   “Coming!” I grabbed my purse, phone and house key and walked briskly down the stairs.   As I approached the door, I saw Luke standing at there waiting for me in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a blue shirt.   “Hey” He smiled at me and pulled me into a hug   “Hello!” I said as I hugged him back   “You look nice” Luke told me as we started to walk down my driveway; I blushed   “Well thanks” I smiled at the ground   “I really do mean it.” Luke stopped walking and just looked at me.   “You do?”   “Yeah, you’re beautiful Sophie” I smiled at the ground once more as Luke grabbed my hand and started running until we got to a small park.  


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