<3 Me And My Best Friend <3

Sophie Grey could not imagine her life being any better. She has the perfect life. The perfect family and the perfect friends. But when being friends with in her opinion the cutest member of the Janoskians Luke Brooks she falls in love.


5. getting ready


I went into my walk in wardrobe and looked through the racks and drawers of clothes, shoes and accessories. After about ten minutes of trying on outfits, not liking them and taking them off again, I decided on a dip-dyed maxi skirt, a white singlet and gold high heels. I slightly curled my hair so I settled into waves and put it in my extentions. Luke said he liked my style.  Since Luke said that it would be casual, I only put on foundation and mascara with a dab of pink lipgloss.   Before I knew it- it was six o’clock and there was a loud knock at the door. Someone had already opened it before I got a chance to get downstairs.  
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