<3 Me And My Best Friend <3

Sophie Grey could not imagine her life being any better. She has the perfect life. The perfect family and the perfect friends. But when being friends with in her opinion the cutest member of the Janoskians Luke Brooks she falls in love.


2. breakfast


“Goodmorning!” I said cheerfully, suddenly remembering what Luke had said to me last night   “Morning Soph” Mum said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek and handed me a plate of pancakes.   “Goodmorning my little girl.” My dad said as he looked up from texting on his blackberry.   “Sup.” Adam managed to utter those words while still shovelling pancakes into his blackhole of a mouth.   I sat down next to my dad and began to eat my pancakes, drinking a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice with it. I was nearly half way finishing my pancakes when I heard a ‘ding’ coming from my iPhone- indicating that I’d gotten a text. It was from Luke; I unlocked my iphone and read the text.  
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