Will Chelsea's luck with guys change after a cab ride home?


2. Chapter Two


I awoke to a scream from Georgia’s room. I threw a robe on and ran to her.

            “What’s wrong?” I asked before I saw the strange man on the floor.

            “Oh my god is this how you wake up all your guests?” asks the guy still dressed in his clothes, I assume, from the night before.

            “Who the hell are you?” asked Georgia.

            “I’m Devon. You took me home last night and well you know we.” he said, moving his eyebrows up and down on his head.

            “Oh my god,” said Georgia, getting out of her bed and going into the bathroom.

            “Well, this is awkward,” I say, moving back into my room.

            Since there is no point trying to fall back asleep I get dressed. After I am clothed I head into the kitchen where Georgia is cooking breakfast.

            “So I guess I’m out of here,” said Devon collecting his hat.

            “You guessed right,” said Georgia following him to the door.

            “Do I get a goodbye kiss?”


            “I’ll call you then.”

            “Please don’t,” she said, slamming the door on him.

            “I’m going to go shopping for a skirt for Jane’s party want to come?” I asked.

            “Nah, I have got to try and block his number from my phone.”

            “Kay,” I said with a laugh.

            I called the cab place, grabbed my purse, and was out the door. They must have had a cab ready because as soon as my heel hit the pavement a cab pulled up.

            “505 5th avenue please,” I said getting in and buckling up.

            “Sure,” said a guy’s voice. I recognized that voice. I looked in the mirror. It was the same cab driver from last night.

            “Hey, didn’t you drive me last night?”

            “Uh, I don’ think so.”

            “Yeah, remember you paid for my cab ride.”

            “Did I do that?” he said, with a smile. “Sometimes I forget how nice I am,” he said sarcastically.

            I smiled and sat back in my seat.

            “So, H&M this time; getting clothes for a date?”

            “No it’s for a party. Why do you assume date every time?”

            “Well, I figure a girl as beautiful as you would have lot of dates.”

            “Thanks and I wish,” I said, again smiling.

            It grew silent. I looked up at the mirror and he caught my eye. We both smiled.

            “Well, here we are,” he said, with a sigh. I didn’t want this cab ride to end.

            “Um, I’ll just be ten minutes, keep the meter running and I’ll be right out then maybe you can drive me home?”


            I got out of the cab and ran into H&M. I looked through the racks as quickly as I could, grabbing every skirt I could. I tried on three skirts and found one that I knew would do its job just right. I paid then ran outside to the spot where he had parked. He was gone.

            I walked to the end of the street to try and grab another cab. A honk came from a car parked behind me that made me almost fall over.

            “I thought you wanted me to wait?” he said, out the window.

            “I did, I thought you left,” I said walking up the cab. I got in.

            He pulled away from the spot and headed toward my apartment.

            “So got a name?” he asked.

            “Chelsea, you?”



            “Yeah it’s Irish, I think.” There was a slight pause before he said: “Did you find what you wanted in the store?”

            “Yeah I think so.”

            “You think so? You don’t know what you bought?” he said as we approached my apartment complex. As we came to a stop at the front of the building I noticed the meter hadn’t been running.

            “So your total comes to your phone number,” he said, ripping a piece of paper from a notebook and grabbing a pen.

            “What?” I asked.

            “Your phone number, that’s what I’m charging you.”

            “Oh really, I thought the price would be much higher than that considering the ten minutes in the store,” I said, taking the pen and writing my number.

            “Well it can be if you want to,” he said with raised eyebrows.

            “Don’t press your luck.” I got out of the car.

            “Can I call you tonight?” he asked rolling down the window.

            “If you want to,”

            As soon as I got inside I ran up the stairs to tell Georgia. I got to room 209 and unlocked the door. I ran to Georgia’s room only to find her making out with Devon.

            “What the hell?” I asked.

            “Oh, Chelsea you’re home,” said Georgia with a smile.

            “Yeah, I thought,”

            She stopped me: “It just happened.”

            “Okay,” I said, turning around and leaving into my room. I threw my stuff down on the floor and threw myself onto my bed. I ended up falling asleep.

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