Will Chelsea's luck with guys change after a cab ride home?


1. Chapter One


            I start to ready myself to bolt out of the restaurant as I throw on the biggest smile I can. “I really had a great time but it’s getting kind of late so I have to be getting home”

            “Wont you let me drive you home?” says my boring and wildly obnoxious blind date.

            “Well, I brought my car so it wouldn’t make much sense. I’ll just be heading out.”

I get up and head for the door before he can even get up. But even the quickness of my feet can’t stop him from stopping me to give me his business card. “Why don’t you call me later.”

            I run out of the restaurant and as soon as I leave the restaurant I throw the card on the ground, stomp on it then run again. I didn’t really have a car, my friend dropped me off, but I didn’t want him to drive me so I walked a few blocks then called a cab. The cab arrived ten minutes later.

            “Hello, uh the apartment complex on west 24th and 7th,” I said getting into the cab.

            “Sure,” said a guy’s voice.

            I sighed as I sat back in the seat.

            “You okay?” he asked.

            “Yeah it’s just… my date was obnoxiously into himself and I didn’t even want to go on the date in the first place my friend’s friend set me up and it was just stupid,” I took a breath and then I said: “I’m sorry, that was too much of an answer to your question.”

            “It’s fine, I hate people that are into themselves they’re annoying.”

            It grew silent until we got to the apartments.

            “How much?” I asked reaching for my purse.

            “Nothing, consider it an apology for that guy you had to go on a date with.”



 “Thanks,” I said, getting out of the cab.

            I ran upstairs to room 209, my room. My roommate, Georgia, was still up when I walked in the door.

            “Oh my god! What happened? Was he cute? Was he ugly?” she asked sitting me down on the couch.

            “He was good looking but not good enough to over look his horrible personality.”

            “An ass hole?”

            “I think the biggest ass hole I’ve ever met. But I did meet this semi cute taxi driver who paid for my cab ride.”

            “Did you get his number?”


            “Girl if you think someone is cute GET THERE NUMBER!” she said hitting me.

            “Well, I’m tired I think I’m gonna head in,’ I said getting up.

            “It is seven forty two on a Saturday night and you are going to bed?”

            “I’m gonna take a shower and stuff. Plus there is nothing wrong going to bed early,” I said, going into the bathroom and slamming the door.

            “I’m going out so goodnight!” she said, slamming the apartment door.

            I got in the shower and stayed in there for twenty minutes. As I stepped out of the shower the door bell rang.

            “Shit,” I said, stepping into a robe. I figured it was better than just a towel.

            “Hello?” I answered the door.

            “You a dropped my business card on your way out,” he said, chewing gum like a cow chewing cud.

                “Oh thank you,” I said completely insincerely.

            “If you think about it Chelsea, it’s kind of like a Cinderella story except the prince wasn’t as handsome as I am and I don’t think Cinderella is about to go down like you are,” he said entering my apartment and trying to kiss me.

            “Whoa, no I’m not that kind of girl.”

            “Come on, girls love that Cinderella shit and this is clearly like that.”

            “No, this is nothing like that.”

            “This is like fate or something I mean you just happened to drop the card and I just happened to find the card on the ground.”

            “I dropped the card there and I stomped on it!”

            “You wanted me so bad that you dropped my card so I would find it. I don’t know I go for this whole trickery thing,” he said, sighing and continuing to chew his gum. “I’ll call you in the morning to tell you how I feel,” he said, leaving the apartment. I closed the door behind him.

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