<3 We Are One Tonight! <3

when Skyla Hill starts going out with her new boyfriend Jai Brooks. She cant imagine anything that will make their relationship bad except for some mean fan girls who look down on her.


6. you make me go crazy!


“They seemed like lovely people.” I said sarcastically as Jai sighed   “Most of them are really nice, I guess we just got the minority that aren’t- I’m sorry Jai looked at me sincerely- apologising for the way those girls treated me   “It’s fine, seriously! Don’t worry about it- I get the whole fangirl thing” Jai smiled at me, not expecting me to be so laid back about it.   “I’m glad you’re not overreacting like the other people I’ve gone out with. Let’s get back home- it’s getting dark.”   Once again, Jai and I walked hand in hand back to my house. On the way I just couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was. I feel like something is finally going right in my life. After suffering for so long- it was a nice change to be blissfully happy for once. I looked into Jai's eyes while we were walking and smiled; a smile in which he returned immediately and pulled me into his side, hugging me slightly. It felt so crazy to me, to have the one I’ve always wanted.   “Feels like I’m falling and I’m lost in your eyes, you make me crazier.”  
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