<3 We Are One Tonight! <3

when Skyla Hill starts going out with her new boyfriend Jai Brooks. She cant imagine anything that will make their relationship bad except for some mean fan girls who look down on her.


5. the question


“So are you single still?” The girl said, slightly glaring at me out of the corner of her eye   “Not exactly” Jai looked uncomfortable with the girls asking about his private life and he looked towards me and smiled softly.   “Well isn’t that a shame.” The other girl replied hastily   “No it’s not- I’m very happy.” Jai defended me; the girls looked taken back at the sudden defensiveness of Jai.   “If you’re happy, we’re happy!” The two girls put on the fakest smiles I’ve ever seen, and said their goodbyes. Jai sat back down at the table with me.  
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