<3 We Are One Tonight! <3

when Skyla Hill starts going out with her new boyfriend Jai Brooks. She cant imagine anything that will make their relationship bad except for some mean fan girls who look down on her.


2. secret


“That I’ve liked you ever since we met in Kindergarten.” I was taken back, shocked that all this time we liked each other, but neither of us said or did anything.   “Wow” I simply stated, not really showing that much emotion, I was too busy taking in the moment and trying to make sense of it in my head. The guy that I liked actually liked me back. This crap just doesn’t happen so if I’m dreaming I swear I will fuck shit up.   “I knew I shouldn’t have told you- I’m sorry, we’ll just stay friends.” Jai looked disappointed from my lack of reaction and began to awkwardly walk in the other direction- back towards my house.   “Jai- wait!” I took a hold of his hand before he could walk any further.   “I was just shocked that’s all. I was going to tell you the same thing…I’ve liked you since we were little kids.”   Jai didn’t say anything, instead- he picked me up in his arms and hugged me for what seemed like forever. He let me down, still holding me around my waist. The sun was just setting, creating a blur of bright yellows, pinks and oranges in the sky.   “Will you be mine?” Jai asked while never breaking eye contact with me, I smiled widely   “I’d be honoured to.” I curtsied like they do in old movies as Jai began to laugh, while putting on a fake English accent as well   “Well in that case my lady, we shall go and celebrate with ice cream!” I laughed and agreed   We both started walking hand in hand down to the local ice creamery that wasn’t that far away- maybe a ten minute walk or so.   “You do a really shit English accent” I laughed as Jai pretended to be offended and began to fake cry while belting out ‘Nobody’s perfect’ by Hannah Montana as bystanders looked at us weirdly then went back to whatever they were doing.   We finally got to the shop and ordered our ice cream- I offered to pay for my own, but Jai insisted that he pay for me. He was always a stubborn little thing. Well not really little…he’s taller than my 5’3 frame.   Jai and I sat down at one of the outside tables and started eating and talking. I was so happy to finally be his, and I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. I’m pretty sure he felt the same way too because his facial expressions mirrored mine.  
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