<3 We Are One Tonight! <3

when Skyla Hill starts going out with her new boyfriend Jai Brooks. She cant imagine anything that will make their relationship bad except for some mean fan girls who look down on her.


4. fan girl time


“OMG Jai, can we please have a picture!” They both smiled, wide-eyed at Jai   I had completely forgotten that the Janoskians had really taken off and they had fans coming up to them wherever they went. Which reminded me- I hadn’t seen James or Skip yet…   “Sure, hold on girls”Jai put his finished ice cream cone in the bin and stood up   “Um, can you take the photo?” One of the girls looked at me with a mean expression on her face and shoved the camera in my hands   “Okay..” I slowly stood up and snapped the photo of Jai and the two fans   “Thanks.” The same girl snatched the camera back out of my hands and started talking to Jai again  
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