<3 We Are One Tonight! <3

when Skyla Hill starts going out with her new boyfriend Jai Brooks. She cant imagine anything that will make their relationship bad except for some mean fan girls who look down on her.


1. First Date


We pulled away, breathless, just looking at each other for a little while- we both had a slight smile on our face. I tried my best to look calm on the outside, but my mind was running at a million kilometres per hour. So what did this kiss mean? Does Jai like me too or was he just seeing if there would be anything between us? What happens if we do date and break up? Will we go back to being friends or will we hate each other and never speak again? I was the first one to speak.   “So I’m going to go out on a whim where and assume that you were talking about me?” I squinted my eyes and raised my eyebrow; Jai chuckled softly   “I just wish I could have told you sooner.” Jai nervously rubbed the back of his neck   “Tell me what?”  
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