Paradise Prison

Christina always wanted to go travalig so when she gets the oppitunity to go to Thailand for her 21st birthday she doesn`t hesatate at the idea. But when a band of police officers are waiting outside her hotel room her paradise holiday is turned into a nightmare.


2. The Prison

After an hour the car stopped. One of the men opened the boot and pulled me out. They dragged me into a big building on a plaque it said เรือนจำเมือง which translated to The City Prison. I asked one of the men where i was going. He pointed to a cell. As they dragged me through the courtyard i could see people fighting. Some people were staring at me like i was fresh meat. I wiped my tears and fixed my top. I walked into a big white room. Inside was a tall man with a piece of chalk and a black chalkboard. He gave them to me and asked me to write my name and height. They took some mug-shots of me and asked me some questions. He took me to my cell. Inside were two girls. One was tall with black flowing hair and the other was short with mousey brown hair in a ponytail. They looked surprised when i came in. The police officer pushed me in gave me my suitcase that had been rummaged through and locked the door. I walked up to an empty bed and laid out my clothes. I sat on my bed and sobbed quietly. The girl with the long hair sat next to me and put her arms on my shoulders. The other girl sat on the other side and gave me something. It was a pack of sweets. I put it in my pocket and gave them both hugs. A police officer came in and said it was time to go to sleep. She looked at me and smiled. She then walked out and locked the cell door. I put my clothes under the bed and got into bed. We smiled at each other and fell asleep.

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