Paradise Prison

Christina always wanted to go travalig so when she gets the oppitunity to go to Thailand for her 21st birthday she doesn`t hesatate at the idea. But when a band of police officers are waiting outside her hotel room her paradise holiday is turned into a nightmare.


1. Smuggled

I got out of the cab and stood on the side of the dirt road. It was pitch black. There were no lampposts. The Moon wasn`t shining and the light from the buildings were turned off. I looked around trying to find my hotel that my boyfriend Roshan picked for me. I walked down the street. My orange wedges that Roshan brought me for my birthday and insisted i wore to Thailand were digging into my feet. I rubbed my heels lightly. I felt a liquid on my hand. I looked up it was blood. I sighed frustrated. I took them off and walked the rest of the way up the road in my bare feet. Sharp rocks dug into my feet but i bit my lip through the pain. I finally found it. It was a very colourful building with balconies and lights. I walked into the lobby. A short woman in a blue top, pencil skirt and brogues smiled at me wearily. She ran into the office to get the check in book. She came out a bit flushed, i signed myself in quickly. She led me up to my room. Four very muscular men were standing in front of my room door. The woman looked surprised. One of the men pulled me towards him and tied up my arms. He clasped my waist and picked me up. I kicked and screamed frantically. One of the men slapped me on the cheek. He covered my mouth when i screamed. They dragged me down the stairs. I looked back to see if the woman was there. She was crying, she looked so scared and surprised. They dragged me out of the hotel and threw me into the back of a car.



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