He Changed Me

This story is about Louis Tomlinsons girl friend (not Elenor) and Louis Tomlinson best friend has been in love with him for ages and now its her chance to have him!


3. Pregnant



i would never forget about that night but i was worried caus ethe comdom came of so i got a pregnacy test and im to scared to take i t so i left it in my bathroom.

it was a regular basis every week we would do it on the sofa in the hottub in the pool on the beachin the toilet in the shower. it was official we were sex buddies not boyfrined and girlfriend but sex budddies.All the time with no condom on but it came to the  5 week and i took the test.

"oh god!"i started puking in the toilet.#

i was pregnant im oficcially pregnant.

i didnt know who to tell first.


i not gona tell anyone..



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