He Changed Me

This story is about Louis Tomlinsons girl friend (not Elenor) and Louis Tomlinson best friend has been in love with him for ages and now its her chance to have him!


1. Moving house

Its my first day in my new house and i unpack my things when i hear a girl screaming next door!

"I cant take it no more the fame the black mailing im breaking up with you Louis and that is final!"Screamed a girl next door.

"Fine i will find someone better than yo El now go away!" I was shocked this cant be right i live next to Louis Tomlinson.

I ran out side to see if everything was all right! Harry Styles came over to me.

" Im sorry about all this especially when its your first week here.But cause im gonna make an impression im gonna say.If you need anything we are just next door!OK." Harry called

"thanks im sure i might need some help unpacki-"

I was interupted by the scream of a million girls screaming towards us.Louis and Harry ran into my house.

" Nice place you got here!panted Louis

"Thanks as you can tell i just moved here!" I replied

"well I didnt get to look at you proply you are beautifull,whats your name?asked louis

"Im Erin and you are Louis Tomlinson." I coursed

Silence fell. 


"and we are leaving!" shouted Harry

"Louis i know you just broke up and stuff but do you mabye wanna go out tonight?" I asked hopefully

"SUre i would love to.Just as friends though?"






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