Up All Night

Entry for the One Direction Competition! :D


1. The Best Feeling


It was breath taking.

Looking out through the window and just staring at all these people, waiting for us.

I couldn’t even begin to think how many people there were out there, thousands I would guess. Each one holding some sort of banner to grab our attention, just one of us looking their way would make their day.

“Alright guys, brace yourselves, you are going in.” The driver said to us encouragingly.

I looked at each one of my band mates. Before the driver opened the door, the muscled body guard looked at us reassuringly,

“Don’t worry guys, I got your back.”

As soon as the door opened the body guard stood in front of us, blocking our view. We could see all those hands flooding in through the car door but the body guard big enough to not let any through.

“GO, GO, GO!!” the body guard shouted. Two other men helped us get through the crowd.

It was claustrophobic.

All the screaming of the girl’s voices and the hands and bodies streaming past us as we ran for our lives. It didn’t help when two huge men were either side of you, and even though they were trying the best they could to not get us completely trampled by these many people, they were still managing to elbow me in the ribs every now and again. It didn’t help that the distance we had to reach before we got to safety was a lot longer than we usually had to go. I would never get used to this, no matter how many times I did it.


Once we were inside the building we all let out a big sigh of relief, I guess we were all pretty glad that it was over.

“Never gunna get used to that!” Harry said with a cheeky grin. We all looked at him as if he was reading our minds.

“Now let’s get this party started!” Niall cheered.

We all followed the various men into our dressing rooms where we would have to be made up for the big night. It was 5 hours before the show, we had plenty of time.


“Oh no, not this again…” Liam groaned, he hated having other people touching his hair and fussing with it. Although he tried to be as nice as possible to the female hairdresser, he ended up having to sit on his hands to stop him from adjusting his hair.

“Oh come on Liam! It isn’t that bad!” Harry said with a chuckle but his smile changed very quickly as soon as his stylist came in, holding a pair of scissors.

“Alright Harry? I’m just going to-”

“You’re not using them on my hair...are you?” Harry interrupted his stylist and pointed at the scissors.

“Yes Harry I am. Your clump of hair at the front of your face might distract you from performing tonight; I’m only doing this for your safety.”

Harry looked as if he’d just been told to shave all of his hair off!

“What? How could I get distracted by my hair? I am a professional!” Harry protested, while we were laughing at this amusing conversation.

“Sorry Harry, it just has to be done!”

The stylist pushed Harry back into the chair and started snipping away.

He was gripping onto the arm rests and gritting his teeth, this was like hell for Harry!

Niall’s hair wasn’t too hard to perfect, and Zayn refused too have his done for him so he just asked for a pot of jell and so he started to style his hair.

A text from my girlfriend came through on my phone:


hey louis

good luck for tonight, try and spot me in the audience!

Eleanor x


I smiled at the text and replied:

thanks eleanor

I could spot you in any crowd

Louis x

Eleanor always helped me whenever I had stage fright but all of that’s gone now, I am a stage pro!

10 minutes before we went on stage and we were doing warm-ups with our voices, Liam usually started these off and we all gradually joined in and Niall usually strummed along with his guitar.

A guy wearing a head microphone hurried into our room looking flushed,

“Come on guys, your up now.” he told us.

As we were walking through the pitch black corridor, the only things going through my mind were lyrics, all the lyrics wondering manically around my brain. Too many lyrics, would I mess up? Would I say the wrong words? I decided to ignore these unhelpful voices in my head. It was nothing to worry about; I always got these sort of nerves before a show. The same guy with the head set pushed us through this entrance from where we could see the dark stage. The audience were there, waiting for us to appear on the stage.

Harry nodded at all of us.


We all nodded back at him,


I looked at my band mates, without these guys, I wouldn’t be here. We are One Direction.

“Come on guys, let’s blow them away!” I told everyone.

The music started and lights were flashing everywhere. The faces in the audience were full of excitement, happiness and agitation.

“Go!” the guy with the head set shouted in our ears.

We all ran onto the stage with our head sets turned on. It was amazing, we hadn’t even started singing and the audience were already screaming and shouting our names.

“WE LOVE YOU!” they were shouting.

I couldn’t stop smiling; I looked at the rest of the group. Harry and Liam were already charming the audience and Niall was running up to them and grinning at the audience and Zayn was moving to the beat of the song with me, it was the best.

We all started singing, and I didn’t think it would be possible but the audience got even louder! Singing with us now and screaming there heads off! I just wished I could pause this moment right here and live it forever.

2 hours later and we had finished the show. We were now off to the backstage to meet the very lucky people who had paid extra to meet us! I followed the boys to the line of people waiting to see us. They were mostly girls, mostly 13 to 17 I would guess.

Harry was greeting one of them and she burst out crying. He smiled at me and gave me a look to say ‘You’re going to get that to!’

A girl came up to me with her friend, I said hi to them but the other girl screamed hysterically,

“HARRY!” she rushed over to him and hugged him.

I was stood opposite this girl and she came over and hugged me. I felt flattered and she handed me a bit of paper scrunched up. I read it.

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