One's a wish

new town new school, new fresh start... but will Max get in the way of Jodie's new start?


1. The bus

"whatever mum!" I screamed a i left my house. Yes, my house. I don't want to call it my home as only living with my mum in a new house and even new town is NOT what i would call home. Home was back in Brayville with Dad in our bungalow. We were so happy, i don't care about dad's mistake... i just wish my mum would think the same of it! 


The whole weekend we have been arguing as we were painting the walls and building our new furniture. Our house is massive, it could fit at least 5 people here! I don't understand why my mum bought such a big house...maybe to cover the guilt of leaving my dad because of his tiny mess up?


I walked quickly to my bus which was waiting right outside my house. Jumping on, all the seats were filled apart from 4. I stood observing my choices. One next to a girl who looked like a nerd, i don't want to ruin my chances of making lots friends by sitting next to her! Another seat was next to a boy, he was sitting by himself so presumed he was new here too. Then there were two seats at the front where i could sit by myself and not need to worry about making friends just yet.


"Hey! over here!" I heard someone shout just as i was about to sit down. I looked up, noticing the 'new kid' with his hand flying in the air. I looked around me... was he talking to me? 


"yes you! come here!" He shouted cheerfully to me, I could tell he noticed my confused face. I walked over not to be impolite.


"erm...sorry, but im going to sit over there..." I pointed to my seat as the bus started moving. I wobbled starting to fall to the ground, before he caught me. I looked at him as he smiled. The bus quickly stopped again as I gazed into his eyes, only just realizing i'm having a conversation with someone i don't even know yet...I don't even know him and i'm already holding onto his arms! I quickly pushed him away blushing.


"I am now hoping you would like to sit next to me after i saved your life?" He asked sarcastically. I stared into his deep green eyes persuaded, but i would always chose sitting by myself rather than with others.


"well...thanks...but as i said...i am, ehh...sitting over there..." I stuttered rubbing my neck as i walked back to my seat while holding onto the tops of other chairs to keep my balance.


I nearly got to the front before i realized the bus had picked up two more people who had taken up my seats i was going to sit in. I stood there, dazed not knowing where to go now. No wanting to turn around, i sighed. I knew there were only two more seats to pick from, and i am still not going to pick the one next to the nerd and ruin my future reputation! 


"excuse me miss, can you please take a seat" The bus driver asked politely. I felt every eye on the bus burning a hole in the back of my head. All i could think about was knowing i had to sit next to the boy who i know will try and speak to me for the next half hour ride to the Marstonville and to the school. I was surprised that when we moved my high school would be half an hour away. I hate how my little sister gets traveling so easy, we live in a small village only big enough to have a primary school and nursery, which leaves all us high school kids having to travel on a bus to the nearest town.


"Miss! please take a seat or you will have to get of the bus" I shook my head realizing i was still standing. I could feel my face quickly going red as i was not used to this much attention. I nodded not wanting to speak in case i attracted even more attention to myself. I sighed while i done a little spin to face the back of the bus to find myself staring at the boy. I walked over to him keeping my head low not wanting people to see my embarrassed face.


"hello again...?" The boy said, hoping i would tell him my name. No chance is that happening!


"move" I snapped, not waning to show any of my emotions apart from anger, the one i  am good at showing.


He slid over closer to the window, leaving his seat for me. I sat down feeling uncomfortable sitting next to him. I rubbed my neck again looking down the bus isle hoping that i could swap seats with someone.


"hey, so... i've not seen you around before? where have you moved from?" He asked. I kept on staring, not sure whether to look at him while im answering him or keep on looking down the isle... but before i knew it i turned my head to face him. His back against the window and his feet on the chair he was chewing on his bubble gum. We stared each other in the eyes.


"Brayville" i whispered. I shook my head then turned to face the bus isle again.


"Brayville huh? That place is far away from here. There must have been a pretty big reason for you to have to move to this area!" I felt as though he knew what was happening in my life, but wanted me to say it especially for him.


"why would you think that?" i snapped, looking back at him.


"well, no one moves HERE for no reason" he laughed.


"maybe me and my mum wanted a new scenery, an adventure" I turned my body to face him completely wanting to prove i had nothing to hide, even though i did.


"you and your mum...? no dad? well, i think i know why you moved here now!" He looked so chuffed with himself for assuming he knows why me and my mum moved.


"yes no dad, and the reason wont be what you think"


"i will have a guess, shall i? your mum and dad have been fighting for ages and your mum had enough of the fighting so divorced or split up, i cant quite make that one out." He smiled his hand out offering my some gum.


"How did thanks...but..." I was so confused, how did he know exactly what happened?


"psychology. I learn in my spare time, and i think its paying of" He smiled, his gleaming white teeth and big smile made me forget about my confusion. I shook my head once again as the bus came to a stop. The driver beeped the horn to let everyone know to get of. 


"well, erm...bye!" I shyly whispered, then suddenly i felt angry again.


"stay away from me, yeah? i don't want you knowing anything more about me!" I jumped out of my seat leaping to be first of the bus. 


"HEY! I DIDN'T GET YOUR NAME!" i heard the desperate boy shout yell. I still dont understand why i get so angry around him.

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