The Wolf Inside

My first effort, please give me feedback!
Not going to reveal anything here, you'll have to read it.


3. The move.

I stared out the window of the truck as the rain pelted against it. Hours and hours of dreary English countryside had passed by, fields of flooded grass, desolate cows and sodden sheep. Small thoughts had wandered through my mind the past four hours of travelling, but now I just sat and stared. Our possessions rattled about in the truck as we went through curve after curve of road. I lifted my head off the pane, and glanced at the condensation left behind. I wiped it off, and turned to face forward, I craned my head, searching for any sign that could tell me how close we were to our destination of Horace Green.

Horace Green, even the name was boring! I pulled out my phone, wondering why three of my friends hadn't text me back, Stephen included. I looked at the signal bar, and for the first time in the year I had had my phone, the bars displayed a complete zero. Frustration coursed through me, and I flung myself backwards in my seat. I pushed my phone back into my pocket, and reached into my bag. A few hours of Fifa 12 on the iPad would help pass the time. I turned it on, and immediately 'Less than 5% charge remaining' flashed up. I was confused, how did it only have 2% charge left? I looked at my recent apps, and saw that the iRead app was open. My mother!

I threw it back in my bag, and leaned back in my seat. My mother and father sat in the truck in front, and I had been forced to share with this elderly driver. I had politely rejected any attempts at conversation, and three hours had passed since he had spoken last. I felt my eyelids slowly making their way towards each other, too busy to sleep the night before, I'd had just two hours sleep since seven oclock the day before. I settled into a more comfortable position, closed my eyes, and slowly drifted off, serenaded by the sound of the engine, the gentle swaying as we made turn after turn, and the repetitive, soothing drops of rain against the window.

I awoke with a jolt, and looked around the truck cabin in confusion, forgetting momentarily where I was. I'd been plagued in recent days by a repeating nightmare, the thugs from the underground station held me captive, each one grinning and brandishing a knife. I get lead to the edge, and dangled over. In the dream, the train doesn't stop and as it hits me, I wake up. This time it was different! As I looked into the gaping darkness of the tunnel, a pair of red eyes, bright as fire and angry as flame, stared back, boring deep into my soul. I feared for my life, despite it being a dream. In the dream I remain engrossed in the eyes, unable to tear myself away despite the chord of fear struck into my by them. I find myself on my knees, with the thugs nowhere to be seen. I will myself to run, as fast as I can, away from the eyes. Suddenly they melt away, delving into the darkness of the tunnnel. At this point, I woke up.

I found myself in a cold sweat, hugging my bag for support and trying to shrink as far into the corner as humanely possible. I find the driver looking over at me with genuine concern, but after his previous attempt at conversation, he decides to keep quiet. Frustrated and annoyed, I stare out of the window. The view has changed, and instead of rolling green hills, dense, dark forests loomed ominously. I stared deep into the forest, but my view was restricted to no more than a few metres. My eyes were heavy with sleep, and checking my phone I realised I had slept for three hour, and we were only a half hour away. I returned to staring out of the window. My attention was drawn to forest further to the right, as a huge flock of crows took to the air, resembling a massive black cloud, in perfect synchronisation. They made the move sharply to the left, and I wondered what had caused the sudden outburst of flight. I cast my gaze downwards, and saw something that sent shivers down my spine, and struck fear into the deepest depths of my mind and soul.

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