The Wolf Inside

My first effort, please give me feedback!
Not going to reveal anything here, you'll have to read it.


2. The aftermath.

A horrendous screeching hit my ears, invading my every thought, pounding my mind into submission with an unstoppable force. I had never heard anything so loud or painful in my life. My head ached, and though it was only going on for a few seconds, it felt like hours of torture. I opened my eyes, and saw that the trains lights had been turned off. It had stopped just a few centimetres away from me, everything was slow and ebbing, I couldn't hear a thing. I felt myself being dropped by the gang, I turned to look at them and saw them shouting at each other, despite no sound entering my ears, I realised they were telling each other to get away. Looking down over the track, I realised I was in danger of falling off, I made to grab the edge, but I was groggy and completely missed. I felt my body slowly slip further over the edge.

Hands grabbed my ankles, but instead of the rough grasp of the gang, these hands were soft but firm. I felt myself being pulled back onto the platform. My head ached, and the ringing in my ears refused to subside, with even my heartbeats proving to make my head swim. My body was turned, and I was slowly placed onto my back. The edges of my vision were blurred, and surprise registered within me that an overload of my hearing sentances could affect me to such an extent. I looked up into the eyes of a middle aged man wearing a train drivers uniform. He had a harsh face, but his eyes were deep blue pools of concern. He mouthed something at me, and I was pleased to discover that my hearing was returning, though not to the extent that I was able to understand his words.

Half an hour, a hot chocolate and a Mars bar later, I had recovered. "You had a lucky escape mate" said the driver who had saved me from falling over the edge. I nodded slowly, and replied "yeah, I owe you a lot". He laughed at this "what was I meant to do? Keep ploughing through and take your fucking head off? You aren't my first 'chicken' anyway" his tone darkened at this point.

"You mean this has happened before?" I asked, shocked. "Of course, it's becoming a bit of a trend, especially with the local gangs, all us drivers have been warned to go slower coming into stations because of it. Luckily for you I was ahead of time and decided to go even slower! The emergency brake saved you too" he took another slurp of coffee and stood up. "Come on, let's seee if your parents have got here yet"  he walked off out of the drivers room. After I had recovered enough to talk, he had told me to ring my parents and ask them to come and pick me up. We left the station to the sight of a black taxi, and my mother leaving slowly. Our eyes met, and I felt her concern. Me and the driver (I still didn't know his name) explained as best we could about what had happen.

When my mother heard about how I was held over the edge of the platform, she started to cry. I put an arm around her, and tried to show her that I was fine, but she just wouldn't stop sobbing. As we drew the tale of event to an end, my father pulled up in a different taxi. We went through the story again, and whilst he didn't show it as much as my mother had, he was obviously just as shaken by what had happened. He shook the drivers hand many times, and called him a 'hero' which seemed to amuse him very much. We parted ways, and as my father hailed a taxi, the events of the night caught up with me. Fear, anger, embarrassment and sadness hit me all at once, and I crumpled to my knees. I felt tears creep into my eyes, and though I did my best to hide them, my parents noticed. My father slowly lifted me up and into the taxi. Reassuring words were whispered into my ears by my mother, as the black taxi sped off into the night.

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