The Wolf Inside

My first effort, please give me feedback!
Not going to reveal anything here, you'll have to read it.


4. First sighting.

Two red eyes, identical to the ones in my dream, stared at me from deep within the forest. The eyes didn't seem to just be looking at me, they seemed to be examining me, reading my every thought and conscious idea. I froze, terrified at what I was seeing, I gripped the armrest of the seat. I looked deeper, but the thick darkness acted as a blindfold. I writhed in my seat, but I was unable to tear my eyes away. The driver whistled a tune, oblivious to my discomfort. I couldn't make a noise or move a muscle, I was transfixed by the unmoving, slanted, evil orbs of burning red light boring into me from over 100 metres away. Suddenly, a tree obscured my line of sight, and I could tear my gaze away. I was in a cold sweat, and my chest was tight. Panting for breath, I craned my neck around the tree, for some reason desperate to catch another view of the eyes.

I couldn't see them, and although I shouldv'e been happy about it, I felt crushed. I felt emotionally drained from an encounter that had lasted less than a minute. I ran endless possibilities through my head, trying to make sense of what had just happened. I couldn't think of a feasible explanation, except for the obscure possibility that I had been hallucinating. I sat back in the seat, drenched in sweat and trying to restore my breathing to normality. Feeling worn out, my eyes began to close, although I dragged them open with all the strength I could muster, fearful of what was to greet me in the unknown abyss of nightmares conjured up by my subconscious mind.

The same nightmare began again, and yet again I was helpless to prevent what was happening. I jolted into blessed consciousness at the usual point. The rain pelted against the pane as the truck slowed to a halt, I pulled myself upright in my seat, to see what the commotion was. What greeted me was a huge house, some fifty yards up a path worn through the grass by countless vehicles. It was huge, with too many windows to count. Off to the left was another building, smaller, but still the size of a small house. Parked outside was one navy and one green land rover, with brand new car plates on them. The truck drivers sat nav piped up with 'you have arrived at your destination'. That's when I realised where we were.

Although my parents had tried to talk to me numerous times about the move, I had always shunned their attempts at conversation. As a result, I didn't have a clue about the house we were living in, we could've been in a shed for all I knew! Gingerly I stepped from the car, stiff from my long journey. I grabbed my bag, and rooted inside for my Jack Wills hoodie. I groped around, found it, pulled it out and then wriggled in to it. I felt much warmer, and looking around I realised visibility was restricted to less than fifty yards due to a deep fog that had drifted in from nowhere.

The eyes from earlier flashed into my mind, and I realised how vulnerable I was. I quickly ran round to the back of the van, where the truck driver who I had shared six quiet hours with was unloading boxes of our stuff. I grabbed a box labelled 'kitchen' and turned and started walking towards the house. I saw my mother go in first, opening the door with a key I didn't know she had, before picking up a box and striding in. My father and one of the delivery men lifted a sideboard down from the second van and walked toward the entrance. I realised I was blocking the path of the truck driver, so I moved to one side and let him pass. I felt reluctant to go in, as if entering this new house would be in some way giving in to the move, admitting that we weren't going back to London.

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