Bad Behaviour

Caty is a very badly-behaved, party animal, spoilt LA girl. However, she takes it one step too far this time and her parents decide the best way to 'straighten her out' is to send her to Boldham Haynes Boarding School for Girls... In England.
Can she adapt to this strange new environment or will she keep her bad behaviour?

**WARNING: Chapter one is kinda gross at the end. So I wouldnt read it if you have too weak a stomach**


1. Partay!

'But Daddyyyy!' I slurred, stumbling over the concrete in my sky-high heels. 'The party isn't over yet!'

'CATY! This is the LAST STRAW! You wouldn't believe how worried I was when Ted said there were police cars outside my house! I have to apologise to these cops and then call your mom about this!'

No, not mom. My slippery mind vaguely thought. I felt dizzy and drowsy, drowned by the alcohol. But all I wanted to do was PAR-TAY!

The bright, blue lights of the cop car a short distance away swirled in my vision, and I heard dad talking to the angry uniformed men. Then...

'Caty, you are a complete mess! I am calling your mother now!' Alarm bells rang in my head. When my mom got angry, she got angry.

'NOOO!' I wailed. I fell to my knees and drunkenly begged him. I thumped my head on a bollard as I went but didn't even register pain. 'Please, dad!'

It was then that I began to feel violently sick.

The last thing I saw before the contents of my stomach tumbled out onto the floor was my dad beginning to dial a number into his phone. I heaved. Then I blacked out in a pool of my own vomit.

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