Bad Behaviour

Caty is a very badly-behaved, party animal, spoilt LA girl. However, she takes it one step too far this time and her parents decide the best way to 'straighten her out' is to send her to Boldham Haynes Boarding School for Girls... In England.
Can she adapt to this strange new environment or will she keep her bad behaviour?

**WARNING: Chapter one is kinda gross at the end. So I wouldnt read it if you have too weak a stomach**


4. Leaving

Turns out it wasn't some dumb joke.

'Now Caty. listen to me. That party was just TOO far. You know your behaviour was bad even before that!' Dad said sternly, arms folded. I rolled my eyes.

'Look, we DO love you. But we just think this school will really help you. Just behave, please' Mom pleaded with me.

At least going to England would help me get away from stupid LA and my stupid parents.

My parents bent down and stiffly kissed me on the cheek one by one. I didn't say a word. I just got in the chauffeur-driven limowith my multiple bags and suitcases.

On my journey to the airport, I thought about all my friends. They would be anticipating the first day back. A few of them were probably on vacation, and wouldn't recieve the single text I was allowed to say goodbye with until they got back. I would miss them.

I stared out of the window at the massive houses and their neat front yards. All the kids were out on their bikes enjoying the last few precious days of summer.

This was the last I would see of America before my new life.

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