Bad Behaviour

Caty is a very badly-behaved, party animal, spoilt LA girl. However, she takes it one step too far this time and her parents decide the best way to 'straighten her out' is to send her to Boldham Haynes Boarding School for Girls... In England.
Can she adapt to this strange new environment or will she keep her bad behaviour?

**WARNING: Chapter one is kinda gross at the end. So I wouldnt read it if you have too weak a stomach**


2. Hangover

When I awoke I felt completely and utterly dead. My head pounded like someone was repeatedly bashing it with a hammer, and it felt as if my dry throat was on fire. The strong scent of stale booze clung to the air, and it made my stomach churn. Everything hurt. I bravely opened my blurry eyes to see the clock. 12 noon. Great. I would have to get up. I needed to get out of the alcoholic fumes anyway.

I heaved myself up from my bed before swaying and collapsing back again. I cautiously stood up again and took it one slow step at a time to the en suite bathroom. I flicked the switch and immediately recoiled as the light burned at my retina. I turned it off again.

Fearing the worst, I peered into the dim mirror. What I saw was not the girl who had been excitedly getting ready some 16 hours before. My hair hung in heavy rats tails, some strands crusty around the front with what looked suspiciously like vomit. My greasy, grey skin sat unnattractively around my deeply sunken eyes and puckered mouth.

The make up I had so delicately applies before was smudged all over my face, so I looked like a sad clown. And I told myself what I declared every time: I was never getting drunk again.

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