Bad Behaviour

Caty is a very badly-behaved, party animal, spoilt LA girl. However, she takes it one step too far this time and her parents decide the best way to 'straighten her out' is to send her to Boldham Haynes Boarding School for Girls... In England.
Can she adapt to this strange new environment or will she keep her bad behaviour?

**WARNING: Chapter one is kinda gross at the end. So I wouldnt read it if you have too weak a stomach**


3. Are you kidding me?!

'NO! I am not going!' I stormed up to my room, which was fairly difficult as I had to go up two large flights of stairs. I was fuming. I nearly knocked poor Margerie the cleaner over her hoover in my anger as I went.

AN ENGLISH BOARDING SCHOOL?! TO STRAIGHTEN ME OUT?! Was it some kind of sick joke to teach me a lesson?

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