The difference between me and you.

Lucy is left to decide and live life alone after her family dies in a tragic accident when she was young living the hardships of life till she meets someone that could possibly change that.


2. Aunt Jamie

Aunt Jamie's POV
She sat there in my arms. It hurt me to remeber, it hurt me to see her pain but i couldnt help it. She needed to know. Ive been pushin it away everytime it was brought up to protect her from more pain but all i see is her heart breaking day by day with no one there to glue it together again. Sure I'm always there and try my hardest to be like a mother to her but i know how it feels to lose somebody losing not only my baby sister but also my husband, the one i vowed to spend my life with when his was to end shortly after. Cancer. Its not an easy thing to understand. He tried to be strong i could see it in his eyes but i knew death was fighting back. I knew he would be better and happier if he just gave up. I couldnt believe i was thinking that at the time but i couldnt bear to see him in pain and when i couldnt do anything about it it was like a slap in the face to watch the love of my life die in my arms and i couldnt let that happen to Lucy. she must learn to live and forgive, to love and forget, to smile when everything is upside down. She needs that strength and power or she wont be able to survive. She needs me.
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