The difference between me and you.

Lucy is left to decide and live life alone after her family dies in a tragic accident when she was young living the hardships of life till she meets someone that could possibly change that.


1. Tell me what happened.

"LUCYYYYYYY" hollered my crazy aunt Jamie. "Lucy you get your lazy but out of that bed now." I sat in my bed smiling, it was too great of a morning for her to ruin my mood. "Lucy breakfast is ready get up now or no breakfast sleepy head!!!" shouted my aunt from the kitchen. "COMING" was my response. It truly was an amazing morning. The sun was out, the sky was clear and best of all today was my sweet 16th. Or so I thought. I get out from under my covers ad rush to my mirror thats planted in the middle of my closet. Decent. I think to myself. My long brown hair was in a soft messy braid and my "beauty sleep"sure payed off for no zits in sight. Nothing could ruin this day I told myself with a smile. As I put my bunny slippers on I rushed out of my room down a flIght of stairs to the main floor and walked through the beautiful stone arches in my aunt's house to find a big stack of pancakes and fruit and scrambled eggs surrounding my short, covered in flour aunt Jamie. "There you are Lu, ive never seen anyone sleep in till 11:30 before" she exclaimed, "you obviously havent met teenagers accross the world then" I proclaimed. She proceeds to ignore my comment and place a plate of breakfast in front of me as i sat down into one of the kitchen chairs. On my plate , written is whip cream and strawberries was "Happy Birthday Lucy <3" and i couldnt stop my self smiling. I got up and hugged her as tight as I possibly could and whisperd a simple thank you in her ear which she replyed with a smile and a squeeze on the shoulder. Moments like these make me feel like I still have family, like im not by myself in this big world, like my parents and brother didnt die in a rockslide. As the flash back started of the day it all occured it just became a big blur. I couldnt understand why I couldnt remeber what had happened that evening. Sure i was only 7 but when something as traumatic as that happens to you, im pretty sure there is no possible way of forgetting the pain and suffering. It isnt easy, trust me ive tried.As all these emotions hit me all at once a single tear fell down to my chin where my aunt wiped it away asking me in confusing "are you okay lu?" I just looked at her. She reminded me too much of my mother, her big brown eyes, her high cheek bones and rosy red lips, it brang sadness upon me and I began to cry, I cried as if i never cried before while my aunt just sat there and cradled me. "please..please" i whispered, but not enough to catch her attention. "Please Aunt Jamie tell me what happened that night, when they left me?" I pleaded.
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