Unexpected Summer

Ashlee has waited for the longest time to go to California with her friend Rose. They get a month there and she is very excited, until she finds out a certain superstar will be on vacation in the beach house right next door. (this story is made for the 1D fanfic contest so it won't be too long and if you like it please share it with your friends!)


2. Of Course

There he was, Harry Styles, looking right at me. I totally forgot that my butt was being soaked at this very moment. "I'm okay.." I said as he put out his hand to help me up. I took it and swung onto my feet.

"Sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" he said with a huge grin on his face.

"It's fine, I wasn't either." I brushed myself off and turned to go in the other direction.

"Hey, whats the rush?" Harry asked running up to my side to catch up with me.

"no rush, just thought I would get out of your way."

"Why would I want you out of my way?" This is exactly what I read about. He is becoming such a player. I stopped and turned to look at him.

"A busy superstar like you, You shouldn't have to deal with me." He shrugged and I started walking again but before I knew it there was Harry Styles at my side once again.

"lucky for you I'm on brake for the summer." I looked at him and he winked, I rolled my eyes. I turned to start walking towards my house... bad idea. "You're living here? I'm right next door. What a coincidence!" 

"Yeah what a shame." I mumbled. I don't think he heard me because he just kept talking.

"You must know my name, so what is yours?" I stopped walking once again to turn and look at him.

"Ashlee." I said crossing my arms.

"Beautiful name." Harry said with his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, I have to go." I turned to my house and started walking closer to the door. I just heard Harry's voice yelling after me.

"I'll see you around then!" I slid open my doors and laid onto my bed. I rubbed my eyes, and by the time I sat up and looked out the window, Harry was gone. I used to love him so much, I would always talk about how we were soulmates. Until I heard all those rumors about him being a ladies man and all the different articles about him and different girls I just slowly stopped loving him. And he definitely didn't do himself any justice right there. I heard the kitchen doors slide open and shut so I went in there to see Rose with her wet suit hanging at her hips.

"You will never guess who I saw on the beach!!!" Rose said jumping up and down.

"Um.... Harry Styles?" She stopped jumping and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Did you see him too?"

"lucky me, I even got to talk to him" I said through my teeth.

"No. Way. You talked to Harry Styles!?" I walked into the living room and Rose followed. I sat on the couch and she mimicked me.

"I bumped into him then he was all flirty and trying to pick me up." I turned on the t.v.

"What!? Harry flirted with you!? Why aren't you more excited!?"

"because he is a lady's man." She pouted at me.

"Is he staying next door?" I nodded and she got up and started jumping, "Are the other boys with him??"

"I'd assume so" She started jumping again then ran up to her room yelling about needing to look cute or something. I went into my room and lied on my bed again. When I heard a knock on my door. I was a little confused because I had closed my blinds while I was changing so I couldn't see anything. I got up and opened the door to see nothing but a folded up piece of paper on the deck.


I know this is crazy because we just met but I already miss you. The boys and I are having a fire tonight, I would love it if you came. I want to see your beautiful eyes again.

                                              Love, Harry xx

I moaned. What does he want from me? a one night stand? a summer romance? He is not getting either of those.I have never been the girl to put myself in a relationship I KNOW will fail, because that is just stupid.

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