Unexpected Summer

Ashlee has waited for the longest time to go to California with her friend Rose. They get a month there and she is very excited, until she finds out a certain superstar will be on vacation in the beach house right next door. (this story is made for the 1D fanfic contest so it won't be too long and if you like it please share it with your friends!)


7. Nightmare

It had been a little over a month since I had gotten that phone call from my grandmother saying my mother had breast cancer. Harry had tried calling me a million times but I never answered. I was too busy spending time with my mom. I was making her breakfast to bring to her room. But once I went into her room, she didn't need the breakfast. She was having a hard time breathing. I ran over to the side of her bed.

"Mom... Mom!?" I grabbed her hand.

"Its my time." Tears were streaming down my face like a waterfall. I was shaking my head.

"Mom no! The doctors said two months! It hasn't been two months mom!! I need more time with you!"

"Ashlee... I love you. Tell your brother I love him too." And that was it. She was gone. I sat at the edge of her bed hoping she would come back but nothing. I was crying so hard I couldn't see anything and I was starting to get a headache but I didn't care. I just kept crying for hours, in the same spot. Until my Grandma found me and dragged me out of the room.

                                                                                                       . . . .

It has been a week since I watched my mother die right in front of my eyes. I felt like this week has been filled with tears and that's it. I had just been to my mom's funeral and I yet again could not stop crying. I had gotten back to my grandma's house and went to my room. Just a few minutes later my Grandma came in.

"Ashlee?" She sat on the bed with me, I looked at her. "This is for you. Your mother wanted you to have it." My grandmother held out her hand and in it was my mom's gold locket. I took it from her hand and looked at it.

"Thank you." I said putting it on. I held the locket tightly in my hand, tears falling once again.

"I want you to know there is a time to cry, a time to mourn, and a time to grieve, there is also a time to not forget, but get better." I looked down and then looked back up at her. "Is your friend still as the beach house?" I shook my head.

"She started college." I said quietly.

"I think you need time away, to figure things out. I don't know where you want to go but you need the time." I nodded and watched her as she moved off my bed and out the door. I gave it a lot of thought.. Where I should go and one person kept coming back to mind. Harry. But I could't go see him, I mean he did cheat on me. Then the other person that came to mind was Rose.... I liked that idea better. I picked up my phone and called her.

"Hello?" I heard Rose say over the line.

"Rose? It's Ashlee."

"Ashlee? How are you doing? I miss you."

"I've been better. My mom died last week.." I mumbled into the phone.

"I'm so sorry, I wish I was with you.."

"That was actually what I was calling about.. could I come down to your college for a couple days? take my mind off things.."

"Of course you can come down whenever you want to! Just let me know and I'll text you my room number."

"Okay.. Thank you Rose."

"Anything for my best friend." I hung up and went to go find my grandma. I told her the next day I was going to drive down to Rose's college and see her. She agreed to let me go so I packed that night and left as soon as I got up in the morning. It took me a long time to drive there but I was glad I chose to go there. Rose had texted me her room number earlier so I knew where I was going. Once I found it and knocked on the door it took not even a second, before Rose opened the door and gave me a huge hug. She let me inside and motioned for me to sit on her bed. She sat across from me and I started to tell her about the last two months.

"What about you?" I said. "How were your last weeks at the beach house?"

"They weren't the same without you." I looked down. 

"Are you and Niall still together?"

"yeah. I'm going to there show near here in a couple nights so I can see him again." I looked up at her a smiled slightly.

"That's good I'm glad." She looked at me with serious eyes.

"Harry misses you. I told him why you were leaving... and he told me you walked in on him and..." She faded off but I knew what she was talking about.

"Yeah, well that just made it easier for me to leave him." She got up off the bed.

"You need to see something." She led me over to her desk and pulled out her mac book. She opened up YouTube and got a video of the boys up.

"Rose.. I don't want to see this."

"Just watch." We went through almost the whole interview and I was looking at Harry the whole time. He looked so sad.

'Harry are you doing all right over there you seem a little down.'

'to be honest no. im not.'

'what seems to be the matter?'

'long story short, I lost the girl I love'

Rose paused the video and looked at me, but I couldn't stop looking at Harry's face on the screen. I walked back to Rose's bed and sat down. Rose joined me seconds later.

"He really loves you Ashlee, a lot." I looked up at her. "He was a wreck without you there, and not to mention when I told him about your mom, he got even more worried about you. He said he tried calling you all the time to explain everything to you but you never answered." I felt ashamed, like a jerk for not letting Harry explain anything to me. Maybe I should talk to him.

"You said their concert was a couple days from now?" I asked.


"Can I come?" This is it. I was going to see Harry again whether I wanted to or not. I need to make it right between us.

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